‘You’re not lost:’ Milwaukee lady inspires jail inmates by dance

MILWAUKEE — Transforming lives by dance. A Milwaukee lady travels to Texas prisons to apportion to inmates. Her tour led her to move her talents to Milwaukee’s children.

“I’m one of a dancers. So when we go we dance there. we learn them a strain there,” pronounced Above a Clouds President, Linda Wade.

When Linda Wade of Milwaukee, was invited by Discipleship Unlimited to be a partial of a Texas jail method 23 years ago, Wade jumped during a possibility to perform with other regard dancers.

Above a Clouds

Linda Wade

“Mainly only to inspire them,” pronounced Wade. “To let them know that it doesn’t matter that they’re there. God knows that you’re there. You’re not lost.”

Wade only got behind from one of those trips final week.

“I would always ask them not so most about their crime though what brought them to this point, and they would share their story of bad decisions as teenagers and either they were abused as adults, drugs or alcohol,” Wade said.

Above a Clouds

Above a Clouds

After articulate to a inmates during one of a progressing trips, Wade got a prophesy to glance “Above a Clouds” in Milwaukee 17 years ago.

“…saying there has to be something that will inspire a children that they don’t have to finish adult like that,” pronounced Wade.

“Above a Clouds” module is designed to move out a best in kids, generally those in under-served communities by opposite forms of art and movement, including ballet, stepping, drama, music, hip bound and oral word — and it’s giveaway to a kids.

Above a Clouds

“Some of a children come from formidable families,” Wade said. “It gives them a place where they can demonstrate themselves but carrying to worry about being judged.”

Sixty-four hundred children have left by a nonprofit program. Wade says a jail ministry, as good as her organization, are Christian-based.

Through God’s grace, Wade says she’s seen lives transformed.

Above a Clouds