You Mean “I” Can Give God a Gift?

Boat_LandJust as a animation above gives us a good instance that viewpoint means a good deal.


Being an ex-offender and now one who works in Prison Ministry, I’m anticipating it tough to come adult with a tenure to call someone like me. Creating vernacular to report a chairman with identical contribution about their past is not easy. First, let us brand dual things.

  1. I am obliged for my actions and it was deemed required for me to be incarcerated.
  2. I do explain Jesus as my LORD and Savior. we was baptized and now travel in newness of life according to what God has finished and not of any consequence of my own.  Romans 6:4


If we am indeed walking in this newness of life; how afterwards can we be identified in a singular needs, struggles, and strongholds with these dual things being true? The need for this tenure is for us to brand a recipients and reason classes, workshops, and promote a intensely specific needs that a ubiquitous open might not understand.


The tag “Felon” is simply condemning.

The word “Parolee” is as if a load be hung around their necks.

Even a tenure “Ex-offender” might sound a slightest descent (pun intended) though still is anchoring to a past.

When posing this question, we can tell it creates people uncomfortable. Here is a common response we get.

Well, all of us in some approach are offenders, we only didn’t get caught. I’m no opposite than you.

May we only be honest with you, we meant can we still be friends after this, can’t we? That is still offensive. This is a same as if we told an ex-marine from Afghanistan, “Well, I’ve been in a dirt charge and I’ve been shot during once, we can relate.” We can only suppose a inner response of that soldier. (yes, we can postponement here to anticipate that worried silence)


One of a initial concepts that we learn in Barabbas Freedom is to be fine in silence. Our enlightenment is noisy, quick paced, and flattering hectic. When there is silence, we have such a quick paced life we feel a overpower needs to be filled. Sometimes we fill it with a wrong things. Sometimes we even fill that overpower with a words. This goes deeper in definition to exhibit a hearts, rather than simply being politically correct. You are reading this blog for a reason. You or your desired one is or has suffered a good and absolute experience. Embrace a overpower after their testimony. They have only devoted we in being vulnerable. Be fine with not meaningful what to say. You might only give them a present of being heard.

Do we know that we have a intensity to give God that same gift? we can’t tell we how many times we have given Him my washing list of “to do” things and not been fine with a silence. Just to hear His heart, would be a life relocating thing. Do this daily and we only might accept some-more than daily bread.