Who’s Calling You?

What many private investigators and law enforcement agents will never tell you is how to trace a cell phone number online with just a few mouse clicks. And with a creative approach, you may never need to spend a dollar to reveal the identity of the person behind an unknown phone number. The things you will need:

You may be thinking that by a “spyglass” I mean a specialized software that you install on someone’s phone and then read their text messages and listen in on conversations. Well, this type of cell phone spying does exist and can be done – no question about it. But it is not what I had in mind. I am talking about a free tool that will allow you to anonymously check the voice mail greeting for any mobile number. Called a SpyDialer, this software works for 90% of the U.S. cell phone numbers. You simply enter the number you would like to spy dial and then a recording of their voicemail message is produced for you to hear. Simple, yet powerful in many situations when one needs to figure out who just called without leaving a message.

The problem? Many people have a standard voice mail greeting that sounds something like: “one two three four five six seven eight is not available …” Damn, dead end!

So, you will need to move on to the next tool – your favorite Google. The trick here is to enter the number in different formats since Google cannot quite guess that it is the same thing you are searching but just expressed it differently. The most common formats are xxx-xxx-xxxx, (xxx)-xxx-xxxx, xxxxxxxxxx and xxx.xxx.xxxx

You can input them with quote marks to pull up only exact match results. In many cases such searches work: for toll free numbers used by banks and bill collectors which are published on consumer boards like WhoCalled.us; for numbers included in classified ads, resumes, and even reverse domain records that are picked up by the search engine. Keep in mind, that you may need to go through 2-3 pages of results before you come across something meaningful though.

Well, let’s move on to our third sneaky tool – the sneaky database, actually, several databases. This will be helpful and will work for many phone numbers including mobile numbers. While it is an automatic database sourced from various public records, it still can produce the name and address of the person whose number you are trying to track down. And you won’t need to pay anything – well, at least for three days. You simply do a free reverse phone lookup, then sign up for three-day free trial via PayPal. Got the info you needed, cancel your trial membership in your PayPal account and done. This is the beauty of the Internet – you can get things for free if you can use a few tricks.

The fourth tool will come handy for those who receive calls from blocked numbers. If, say, someone is persistently calling you using a blocked number, you can unblock it by using a TrapCall service or by signing up for any toll-free number service and then redirect the calls to a toll-free number in order to ublock them. The trick? One can’t block their number if calling to a toll-free number. Once the number is unblocked, you can proceed with the other tools on our list to check who it was that was calling you!

The fifth on our list, but not least, is the voice modulator. Well, you can ask a friend to call the number back and ask a few questions in the hope of getting some clues about the person’s identity. Have them use a speakerphone or record the conversation for you. Or, if you would like to keep it on the down low, a voice modulator will be helpful. It would also be nice to have your number from which you will be calling, “spoofed” – you will agree. Well, you got it! There is a free tool for that. It is called CallerIDFaker – the service includes everything you will need: a voice changer, caller ID faker and a call recording option. The only thing left is what questions to ask? Well, use your imagination. How about this one (if it’s a guy): “I found your number on the Internet dating site – I like what I see, would you be interested in a date?” Don’t screw up with the voice modulator though!

I will admit, there are complicated cases when non of the tools produces desired results. The the only option left is to run a manual carrier’s database check. While expensive, this one is bulletproof – you get the record kept by a cell phone company for the number in question. Yes, their first and last name and the billing address. No bars held. The service I have been working with for a long, long time is PDJ Investigations. $50 will get you the current name and address for any number. Don’t have time to play a private investigator yourself? Skip all the steps and get the $50 sure thing.