Who are the “Teammates”?

Teammates pick up where Champions for Life (CFL) platform speakers leave off.  After the stunts, testimonies and musical performances of a Champions for Life event, the teammates are invited onto the prison yard to share the gospel with the incarcerated.

Before the event Teamamtes go through extencive training to learn the approach of CFL ministry, “Do’s” and “Dont’s”.

Last year nearly 8,000 teammates helped to lead 47,323 inmates to life-changing decisions for the Lord in prisons across the world.  Volunteer teammates are the essential link between our duty to spread the message of the gospel in the world and the programs that we bring inside the walls of America’s prisons.


These volunteers are trained to share their faith, equipped with the necessary tools and given the opportunity to implement their Evangelism and Discipleship skills through the areas of ministry listed above. Most of these believers have never shared their faith in Christ prior to working with CFL.

You too can make a difference by volunteering your time in CFL’s prison ministry, Champions for Today school programs and Ring of Champions youth mentoring program.  The only qualifications you must possess are a willingness to spread the Gospel and the ability to read.  CFL will assign a veteran teammate to train you the rest of the way.

Please contact CFL for information regarding how you can get involved.  If you know that you would like to be involved in one of our prison events, please refer to the event schedule.

If God speaks to your heart, this is YOUR ministry, but you can not come with us on the mission field, you may concider helping other Christians to fulfill this comission.

Bill Glass Champions for Life website