What is Champions for Life?

At the urging of his friend Billy Graham, Bill Glass founded what is now Champions for Life in 1969. Over the last 35+ years, God has used Bill and Champions for Life ministries to share Christ in thousands of towns, cities, churches, prisons, jails and youth facilities across the United States and several foreign countries.

 Champions for Life is comprised of the following four ministries:

Prison Ministry to incarcerated Men, Women and Youth in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic. These ministries are referred to as Weekend of Champions and Day of Champions events.

Youth Ministry through Public and Private Schools.

At-risk Youth Ministry through America ’s Juvenile Justice System (incarcerated and probated youth). This ministry is the Ring of Champions.

Community Ministry to Youth, Families, Individuals and Churches in Local American Communities.

These ministries are making a difference across the United States , and beyond, through the dedication of 70,000 Christian volunteers that have worked alongside Bill Glass and Champions for Life since 1972. These volunteers are trained to share their faith, equipped with the necessary tools and given the opportunity to implement their Evangelism and Discipleship skills through the areas of ministry listed above. Most of these believers have never shared their faith in Christ prior to working with CFL. The impact for the Kingdom of God has been tremendous! 

In the Prison Ministry alone, the Lord has used CFL volunteers to achieve the following results since 1992:

543 events conducted in communities, schools, churches, prisons, jails and juvenile facilities all over the United States and in several foreign countries;

87,312 Christians have been trained to share their faith in Jesus Christ through personal, individual and small group Gospel presentations using the Four Spiritual Laws (from Campus Crusade for Christ) as the main Gospel Tract;

2,162,155 students, adults and youth have seen action from Athletic Stars, music from Entertainers and testimonies from famous people. The trained volunteers then meet with them to share the Gospel with them and for prayer and encouragement;

454,625 lost souls have come to faith in Christ through the one-on-one Evangelism Training and techniques taught through CFL to the volunteers. The Gospel message is backed by Christ’s command in The Great Commandment, Great Commission and Acts 1:8. Through God’s love for the lost, His Word, the Blood of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, these volunteers are used by God to lead the lost into a redemptive relationship for eternity.

New believers brought to Christ through the various Champions for Life ministry events always have the opportunity to receive additional discipleship. CFL Volunteers, along with local faith-based groups, provide continued prayer, encouragement and discipleship through programs established for the specific event type.

Champions for Life has no way of measuring the results of additional Evangelism and Discipleship opportunities God gives these new “soldiers for Christ” when they return to their communities. Thousands of them have shared with CFL how the Lord has used them to lead their families, friends, co-workers, neighbors and strangers to Christ. One of the joys awaiting all of us is to see the true impact of the miracles God has performed when we are with Jesus in Heaven!