Wellingborough jail to close

The 1960s-built Wellingborough jail in Northamptonshire is to be sealed by a finish of this year, a probity secretary, Kenneth Clarke, has announced.

The opening progressing this year of dual new secretly run prisons, a G4S-operated HMP Oakwood during Wolverhampton and a Serco-run HMP Thameside in easterly London, providing 2,500 additional places, has enabled a closure of Wellingborough notwithstanding a record jail race of 86,562 in England and Wales.

The jail use pronounced a closure would engage a detriment of 588 jail places. It non-stop in 1963 as a borstal girl training centre and became a difficulty C adult masculine training jail in 1990.

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) pronounced Wellingborough was in need of a £50m refurbishment programme and gripping it open was uneconomic.

It is estimated a closure will save a serve £10m a year. In 2009, it was identified as a “poorly performing” jail and a government put out to proposal though it was taken out of a foe routine and stayed in a open sector. Displaced staff are approaching to be engrossed elsewhere in a jail complement but a need for mandatory redundancies.

The MoJ pronounced a jail use has sufficient ability for a serve 3,500 inmates and was on march to have 91,600 jail places accessible by a finish of this year.

Clarke said: “The open has a right to design stability alleviation in a peculiarity and potency of open services, but compromising open safety. Closing old-fashioned and costly prisons is an critical step in a plan to broach a fit-for-purpose complicated custodial estate that can yield high-quality, cost-effective and secure regimes that strengthen a open and remodel prisoners. Closing this one jail will save millions for a taxpayer any year.”

The probity secretary pronounced he was assured a jail race could be safely managed within existent capacity, while coping with any serve increases.

A resettlement plan that was designed during Wellingborough and that helps offenders with a fibre of drug-related philosophy to confederate behind into a village was rolled out opposite England and Wales. A girl and village plan also designed during Wellingborough, that enabled prisoners to work with schoolchildren and other groups during risk of going to jail since of drug problems, won inhabitant approval by a Butler Trust endowment in 2004.