UK prisons to open outsource call centres; David Cameron urges business to …

UK prisons to open outsource call centres; David Cameron urges business to switch to jail labour

The UK jail systems will shortly supply in-house call centres on agreement by attention partners. One such partner, UrbanData Ltd, sent out sales solicitations to intensity call-centre business final month touting a advantages of jail labour: low overheads and “British Regional accents” (UrbanData subsequently went into administration). The Ministry of Justice characterises this as a reconstruction scheme, and says that prisoners will acquire a smallest of £3 per day. A Welsh call centre called Becoming Green recently done headlines for banishment non-prison labourers even as it brought in additional day-release prisoners to work during a £3/day rate. Here’s some-more of UrbanData’s solicitation, as published in The Guardian by

In a ONE3ONE prospectus, David Cameron urged businesses to take advantage of a event operative prisoners offered. “Prisoners operative productively towards their possess reconstruction will minister to a UK economy and make repair to society,” he wrote.

“Many businesses, vast and small, already make use of jail workshops to furnish high peculiarity products and services and do so profitably. They are not usually investing in prisons though in a destiny of their companies and a nation as a whole. we titillate others to follow their lead and seize a event that operative prisons offer.”

Prison call centre skeleton revealed

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