UK Prisons Recruit ‘Pagan Chaplains’ on £30k-a-Year Salaries

The Ministry of Justice is recruiting non-believer chaplains to yield “religious care” during prisons opposite a nation – with annual salaries of adult to £29,ooo – notwithstanding many of a recruiting prisons confronting ensure shortages, Islamic nonconformist inmates, and drug epidemics.

“The pursuit hilt will yield for a eremite caring of prisoners and staff in a Pagan faith tradition and suitable rural caring for all irrespective of faith or tradition,” one pursuit outline for a purpose covering Dartmoor, Channings Wood, and Exeter prisons reads.

Applicants would be approaching to “lead open ritual, go in Rites of Passage, and run workshops for churned Pagan traditions within a jail system” and contingency be rigourously permitted by their “faith community” – by a Prison Service Pagan Faith Adviser.

The non-believer clergyman roles advertised on a Ministry of Justice job site, opposite scarcely a dozen ‘clusters’ portion 35 prisons, operation in income from £25,920 to £29,176 per annum pro rata – roughly equivalent to a income of a jail officer – for full, part-time, and pursuit share applicants. The income could also embody a 17 per cent “unsocial hours” payment.

Some of a prisons to accept a faith services are:

  • The ageing, Victorian HM Prison Winchester, that was said to be “teetering on a corner of a vital incident” after an Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) news found an increase in self-harm, drug use, and assault among inmates and that a jail was “understaffed” with “inadequate facilities”.
  • HM Prison Whitemoor, that was reported by The Times as experiencing problems with Islamic fundamentalism in 2015 where “prisoners with nonconformist views… have threatened assault towards non-Muslims. Others are suspected of pressurising non-Muslims to modify to Islam.”
  • HMP Dartmoor, that was reported to be struggling with staff shortages and to have a ‘spice’ drug problem among prisoners.
  • and HMP Frankland, that opened a dear ‘jihadi’ subdivision wing in Jul for Islamic nonconformist inmates, such as hatred reverend Anjem Choudary and Fusilier Lee Rigby’s killer Michael Adebolajo.

The diversion of supports into a chaplaincy sustenance for a ‘faith group’ that counted 57,000 adherents during a final census – or 0.001 per cent of a UK’s race – in a jail use that has seen officer shortages and mass walkouts in a past 18 months has been criticised as a “frivolous and unforgivable waste” by a conduct of a UK’s oldest regressive consider tank.

Speaking to Breitbart London, authority of a Bow Group Cllr. Ben Harris-Quinney said: “When a bloc supervision took energy in 2010 they betrothed an ‘austerity budget’ to understanding with a inhabitant debt crisis. What followed was nonetheless some-more overspending and given that time a inhabitant debt as some-more than doubled.

“The debt predicament is bigger than ever; during a time of a subsequent retrogression this nation will fall due to decades of mismanagement.

“There are certain elements of spending that sojourn necessary, one of them is law coercion and prisons. However, to spend a suit of a jail budget, and a magisterial inhabitant budget, on part-time pagans for £29,000 a year is over ludicrous.

“I call on a supervision and MoJ to urgently examination this whimsical and unforgivable waste.”

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