Uganda Prison Ministry

 PRISON OUTREACH. While Wells Of Hope –Prison Outreach is the heart of wells of Hope Ministries, there is much more to our organization. Details of this has been posted on our website.

Wells of Hope –Prison Outreach is a ministry to people affected by crime; this involves prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families. Francis Ssuubi in Murchison Bay Prison -Luzira, Kampala formed Wells Of Hope Prison Out reach in 2002, where he was an in mate on remand for 68 days.

Prison Visits.
We organise and conduct outreaches to prisons, through our volunteers, we physically visit and interact with prisoners
Prison Bible courses
We conduct Bible courses in the prisons. At the end of the course prisoners are able to acquire certificates and bibles.
Volunteer Training
We help churches and other organisations in their outreach to people affected by crime through training of their volunteers and other means
Ministry to Prisoners Living with HIV/AIDS
We carry out outreaches and provide help to prisoners living with HIV/AIDS .Working with Uganda Prison Service and our partners, we are feeding over 400 prisoners living with AIDS every day. More
Freedom Homes.
These are centres for released prisoners, we hope to provide shelters, counselling and vocational training to ex-prisoners. We will assist in finding housing and jobs. This Programme is expected to kick off by March 2007.


Hidden treasure.
During Christmas time we help to ease the pain of a parent separated from children at Christmas time by visiting and caring for these children.
We also hope to establish a Christian centre for prisoners and ex-prisoners children. Learn more
Month of Celebrity
During this month we have people who have excelled in different disciplines such as sports and entertainment to visit and perform in the prisons. .
Pysch Social Support
We offer psychosocial support to Prisoners living with HIV/AIDS and their families through counselling and teaching. We also conduct other activities aimed at promoting care and support for prisoners living with HIV/AIDS and also carry out prevention messages to prisoners and their families, so as to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS as a result of crime.All this is coupled with biblical teachings in regard to HIV/AIDS and prayer.
Area Of Operation:At the present our operation areas include all prisons in the entire nation of Uganda,h owever, its our prayer that God will open big doors elsewhere..