This Inmate Used to Hate Police Officers

Members from COPS method only returned from an implausible outing in Arkansas. This was COPS 10Th year in a quarrel ministering there.

Buy Adipex Now The group did 7 services in 4 days visiting 6 opposite prisons. They went to R.L. Williams, Tucker Super Max, Cummins Unit, Ouachita River, Varner Unit (Max Unit/ Death Row) and small Tucker Unit. They ministered to approximately 541 inmates. 94 group rededicated their lives to a Lord and 19 group perceived Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

After a use another invalid came to me and pronounced that he used to HATE military officers. He pronounced he is now a Christian. we looked him in his eyes and we told him that we desired him. He looked me in a eyes and told me he desired me too and he asked me if he could give me a hug. we hugged this brother.

Talk about God power. we trust that hermit walked divided with recovering in his heart and a new adore for a police.

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