There is still no Trace of a Escaped Prisoners

100 signals were filed with a Ministry of Interior for a dual fugitives wanted over Easter, Nova TV reported, citing sources from a interior ministry.

So distant all have valid to be unfounded, and there is no pointer of Vladimir Pelov and Radoslav Kolev. They have been missing for 6 days given a armed group pounded a guards and transient from a Sofia Central Prison.

Among a final signals of their plcae are a encampment of Ogoya, residence in a civil entertain “Mladost” and Botevgrad.

According to Nova TV, conjunction Pelov nor Kolev have attempted to get in hold with their relatives.

Two days ago, a Interior Ministry expelled photos of a dual group on a day of their escape.
Kolev and Pelov transient from prison on Apr 3, they were armed.

The Ministry of Interior warned that transient prisoners are intensely dangerous and titillate adults to vigilance 112 even in a smallest suspicion.