The winds of change moved through the Oklahoma County Detention Center


The winds of change moved through the Oklahoma County Detention Center and several other prisons in the area. Final results will only become clear when we are in Heaven together.

The obstacles kept coming and the Spirit of the Lord kept overcoming. After so many years I still get excited when the hand of God moves. One Teammate  prayed with a 16-year-old young man who had shot a woman in the head for her purse. He will be  in heaven, since the book we read is true.

Testimony after testimony poured in, and we recorded 1,971 decisions out of the 6 facilities. Remarkably, 1,207 of those were first-time decisions. We had a record 172 first-time Teammates signup with a record 116 serving.

The enemy is good at diverting our attention with good reasons why not to do something, while we should overcome and do what God would have us do. We have been re-learning the undeniable truth, “the more Teammates, the more decisions.”

Our Local Team Head Coach, Wes Lane, guided the team with the same precision he handled the District Attorney’s Office with for six years.

Ron and Rita Murray, State Directors for the last four events have provided leadership and encouragement to the Local Team, and we thank them all. None of the results would be possible without the Local team.

OKC has the Champions for Today (CFT) bug. Keith Davis spoke in three schools on Friday with remarkable results.


CFT lets people see where the rubber meets the road in these schools. The cards Keith read at the banquet where deeply moving. Mary Fallin represents the state of Oklahoma in the US Congress flew in from Washington primarily to speak to our entire Team, and said some great things about her commitment to reaching the children in Oklahoma before they go to prison. Lt. Governor, Jari Askins, also spoke to us twice and expressed her appreciation for the State.

We are looking forward to larger Champions for Life involvement in schools and prisons in Oklahoma in the future. Our goal everywhere is to have annual events. This insures the growth and effectiveness of our Local Teams. We are following the Spirit of the Lord as He leads us.


In Him As Always With Love,


Bill Glass