The Power of a Father’s Blessing, by B. Glass with T. Pluto

The Power of a Father's Blessing, by B. Glass with T. Pluto
After 50 years of ministry, Bill Glass believes that most people suffer from a father problem. The result of this problem is broken families, rampant drug and alcohol abuse, overfilled jails and prisons and thousands of at-risk youth. “The Healing Power of a Father’s Blessing” is the answer to many of these problems resulting in Bill’s motivation for writing this book after sharing this message for the past 30 years. As today’s youth are our future leaders, Bill feels this message is crucial to the future of our country. "I thought about Bill's message, how it is so simple yet so powerful because it's so true. All of us are hurting. All of us need to know that God loves us. All of us need the healing touch of a father's hand – a heavenly and an earthly father. All of us need a spritual father if our biological father is not there for us. All of us need to tell others they are loved – unconditionally. All of us need to be blessed and all of us are called to bless others." – Terry Pluto …(from the book's introduction).