The Need is Great!

I only wanted this to be a brief video, but I want to provide information to anyone who may have thought about doing this. Feel free to ask questions. I would encourage you to check with your church or the prisons/jails in your area to see if there are existing ministries available which you could join. If not, and if you are considering starting something up yourself, I'd be more than happy to hook you up with the ministry I'm involved with if you want to learn from them how to go about it or to borrow ideas from them to get started.

The need is great: In my area there is typically a list of approx. 100 inmates waiting for a volunteer at any given time, which I would imagine is most likely fairly typical across the country.

Many inmates become believers while incarcerated; you can be an encouragment to them. Others, who are not open to the gospel, will at least be able to reflect on the fact that a christian cared enough about them to visit.

Its not about feeling sorry for them; they are in prison for a reason, and you are not shortening their sentence in any way.

Its about the fact that Christ loves them too and has not forgotten them.

Its about showing them they can have hope for the future, both in this life and for eternity.

Matthew 25:36