Stewardship Report: 2007

Youth Outreach



Champions for Today (CFT), is the youth outreach program of Bill Glass Champions for Life. Since 1992, Mike McCoy (former all pro Greenbay Packer) and his team of athletes have traveled the country speaking to thousands of youth in housands of schools. By using the effective school assembly format, former NFL players speak to junior high and high school students on their level, sharing personal experiences about pivotal issues youth face – such as drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, and peer pressure – and how faith in God helps. Sports stories and demonstrations grab their attention for the vital message.

Juvenile Outreach



Ring of Champions (ROC) focuses on youth at-risk in the juvenile justice system. The program is an alternative to juvenile detention for first-time offenders. During a ROC program, top athletes share the life-changing message during their performance. Participants then have the chance to be matched with a mentor for twelve weeks, to help them start their new life path on the right foot. Over the last six years, less than 8% of youth mentored in the ROC program returned to court. Without this intervention, the return rate is 70%.

Prison Outreach

SROI:    TOTAL POPULATION – 258,566    TOTAL UNITS – 434    


Since 1972, Bill Glass Champions for Life and a team of top athletes, entertainers, and volunteer Teammates have ministered toT millions of incarcerated adults and youth. For 35 years, Champions for Life Prison Ministry conducts 60+ weekend and day events in over 400 prisons in the United States and many other countries. Athletes, entertainers, and musicians perform for the masses on the prison yard, and share the life-changing message of Christ. Hundreds of volunteer Teammates are then able to minister one-on-one with the inmates, solidifying the impact. Since the Teammates are the ones who share with the inmates personally, they are the ones most blessed! Over 37,000 different Teammates have ministered in prisons over the last 35 years, The Teammates are forever changed because they are truly fulfilling the Great Commissions of the Lord to "the least".

It was great to be able to take my granddaughter, Katy, into prisons with me in DFW last November. I wanted to share with you her reaction:

"My heart is pumping and my palms are sweating. I'm nervous but I know I am doing the right thing. I feel as if there is a hand on my shoulder telling me everything will be alright. My shoes are removed, my personal belongings are taken from me, and I am patted down from head to toe. Safe. t passed the first test. Now it is time for the ultimate challenge. We head up to the fifth floor in a secured elevator with guards and the warden. The doors finally open as we reach our destination and all I can see is an ocean of orange. Men in jumpsuits, everywhere! I am freaking out. We are directed into one of the "pods" and are immediately locked in, literally, to incredibly close quarters with about forty or fifty men that have committed crimes I don't want to even think about. A familiar face walks in behind me and with a booming voice, gets everyone's attention instantly. `This man is fearless,' I think to myself. As he speaks he gets right to the point. He speaks words of encouragement, love, acceptance, and the greatest of all, the word of God. As I watch the inmate's eyes brim with tears and their hearts fill with hope and joy, I am filled with the presence of my Lord. We continued from pod to pod until the end of the day. I realized that day that the inmates thrived on those words. They really opened up and hundreds of them gave their lives to the Lord."

What a great young lady (a grandfather's unbiased reaction)! The first two months of 2008 are already looking great! Thanks for your prayers and support. You are a real friend.

I know you want to trust us to be good stewards of your stewardship. You can be certain that you get more "bang for the buck" with Bill Glass Champions for Life. You can know for sure that your generous giving is appreciated and used to the maximum good! We look forward to partnering with you in 2008 as we reach out to thousands with the life-changing message of Christ in schools, to kids in trouble and in prisons. Already responce for the first few months of 2008 are setting new records.

In Him As Always With Love,