Souls are won in prisons of San Bernardino area!

"The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who is wise wins souls." (Proverbs 11:30). We saw a great group of Teammates in San Bernardino do the wise thing in God's eyes … WIN SOULS.

1,202 first time decisions,

1,109 rededications

totaling 2,312 men and women

who cried out, "Jesus help me in my time of trouble".


I have said for years, "people only turn to God in a time of crisis", and we saw people of all back grounds cry for help. Tears from men, women and children who would normally never cry showed the presence of God. What an event in Southern California!

Entire Local Team did a teriffic job in San Bernardino! Thank you, all!

Darrol Johnson (with the mirophone) and Robert Jimenez (to his left) are both very successful executives in the Inland Empire and serve as Co-Head Coaches of the local team. This local team made a plea for more help at the Friday night banquet. Please pray about participating with this great effort. If nothing else recruit your friends to serve when we return to the San` Bernardino area in November 2008 or to support the event financially even if they can't serve.

The man on the picture above is listening closely what our teammates have to share. No wonder, a 33% decision rate is the highest we have ever seen at any event in 35 years. We can attribute this to teammate to inmate ratio. The more teammates the more time you have to go one on one, and the more people make decisions. Nothing happens in the Kingdom of God without prayer and there were thousands praying for God's power and presence.

We have so much to do this year in youth facilities, detention centers, prisons and jails of America! Manpower, "pray to the Lord of the harvest to send for Laborers", and "which one of us, when we want to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, to see if we have enough to complete it?" The word does not come back void, but we are His workmen. We have to do the praying, recruiting, and giving not rely on someone else. Let us pull together and become the great end time army for the Lord. Giving the families hope for restoration when loved ones first meet Christ, and then learn to walk with Him.

Pray about joining us on the next CFL event, see our Schedule of Events !

In Him As Always With Love,

Bill Glass