Something to grin for Welikada prisoners


A new dental medicine costing Rs one million was non-stop during ‘S ward’ of the Welikada Prison yesterday by a Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms Ministry with a assistance of a Health Ministry.

Prisoners and jail officials of a Welikada Prison will benefit from this dental medicine operated by a Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms Ministry dental surgeon.

Inmates during a Welikada Prison were taken to a General Hospital or a supervision sanatorium for dental diagnosis as there was no dental surgery during a prison.

The new finish dental medicine will revoke expenditure, especially transport cost, sources said.

Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms Minister Chandrasiri Gajadeera said steps have been taken to revoke losses during prisons while formulating new income generating sources directed during converting prisons into profitable institutions.

“The volume of prolongation of a restrained is being gradually increased, introducing new products. Apart from a existent made items, a series of new products such as post bags, clothes, seat and toys
are made by prisoners.

“A new sales opening will be non-stop during Baseline Road to sell the products,” he said.