Show Hidden Files in Windows 8

I am Microsoft Beta tester since 1993.
Here is my new toy and some guesses and findings in new labyrinth of upcoming MS operational system.
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Serge Taran
How To Show Hidden Files in Windows 8
Method [1]: Using the Control Panel to change Folder Options
  • Press the following keys in the same time: Win+R
  • Insert the following and press ENTER: control
  • Old Control Panel opens. In upper right corner, in View by: change to Large icons
  • Click on Folder Options
  • From the top select the tab View and check Show hidden files, folders and drives
  • Click on Apply to save your settings
Please try the following if you’d like to see Control Panel on your Desktop in the future
Method [1]: Using the Control Panel to change Desktop Icons
  • From the Metro UI, Select Desktop
  • Right-click a blank space in the desktop and select Personalize
  • From the left pane, Click on Change desktop icons
  • Check Control Panel under Desktop Icons
  • Click on Apply to save your settings