Saving prisoners in song

Murder victim’s mom leads PoS jail choir

Prison ministry: Choir executive Patricia Morris leads inmates in regard during their opening during a use hold during a Port of Spain jail on Mar 28.


It is a job of God.

This is how mom of dual Patricia Morris described her purpose with a Port of Spain jail choir, that is not even a month aged and is being perceived with open arms.

Morris, a clerk during a St Ann’s Psychiatric Hospital, sat down with Sunday Newsday during her Simon Valley Road, St Ann’s, home and talked about how she inadvertently became a choir executive to group who multitude generally had incited their backs on.

From behind a jail walls on Mar 28, those collected for Roman Catholic Archbishop Jason Gordon’s entrance use for jail method could not repudiate they were changed by a choir of remanded prisoners led by dual convicted group who are partial of a prisoners band.

Morris pronounced she began singing during jail functions around 2002 and continued doing so whenever called. She never suspicion of apropos a choir executive heading “clients” as a inmates are referred to by jail officers. But on Mar 19, a day a nation inaugurated a initial womanlike president, Paula-Mae Weekes, she was asked to form a choir for a use days away.

“At initial a group were observant that they couldn’t sing so we started singing ‘Jesus loves me this we know’ and they started singing along and it started from there. What happened that day was a anointing of God,” Morris said.

God’s servants: Archbishop Jason Gordon and prisoners choir executive Patricia Morris share a impulse together during a Port of Spain jail where inmates, led by Morris, sang during a mass Gordon hold there on Mar 28. PHOTOS BY RATTAN JADOO

Morris pronounced she initial began singing publicly during her father’s wake in 1996. Prior to that she was heckled and told her singing was causing sleet to fall. Since then, she was asked to sing during funerals and so began her passion for singing. She combined that she noticed, from carrying to go and sing and spasmodic regulating a prisoners rope – done adult of usually convicts – that a poise of a inmates was changing as they played a instruments.

“That day, we saw those group get a uninformed hope. They are inmates, yes, though they were singing and even a group who were heckling them while we were practising in a choir stood adult and were applauding them,” Morris pronounced adding she told a group in a choir that they were not behaving though ministering.

Morris, a comparison sister of Clayton Morris, former captain for a Strike Squad football group who now runs a futsal training and foe in a prison, pronounced a dual hereditary a inexhaustible suggestion from their parents. The Morris’ self giving started when Clayton donated pans that their father owned to a prisons after conference a prisoners personification on really aged steel pans and, according to his sister, they are only fulfilling their God-given purpose. She pronounced a choir is unnamed and she believed it was not her place to christen it.

“In a dual weeks we was training them we beheld a mutation in them, it was rehabilitative. They were peaceful to be structured and to learn. There were people shouting during them and job them ‘sissy boys’ and we told them to sing for an assembly of one.”

She pronounced her relatives planted a seed of munificence and a remaining 9 of 11 children are reaping a benefits.

The ceremony personality during Deliverance Ministries, Morris pronounced a choir is all about Jesus removing a excellence and took small to no credit. She speedy others to remember that a inmates were only humans. The group lerned for an hour a day for 5 days and were upheld by a prisoners band, Outfit International.