San Juan, Puerto Rico 2008

  San Juan, Puerto Rico 2008                    



Keith Davis at Vega Alta Women’s prison

Bill Glass Champions have been coming to Puerto Rico prisons since 1995.


This year we presented Champions Events in 8 San Juan area prisons. The results were awesome!

On this trip, our Champions for Life team of 165 Teammates (80% freshmen) recorded over 1000 inmates who prayed for a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Of those decisions, 515 were first time Salvation decisions. Praise the Lord!!

What do those numbers mean, how do you measure the success of a Champions Event? For 35 years, at every event, many inmates and guards are introduced to the Lord that we do not record. There are always lukewarm and backslidden Christians we pray with who need to be encouraged, these names go unrecorded also

 There are consistent reports from corrections professionals stating the violence and costly disciplinary incidents are greatly reduced after a Champions Event. The CFL army of Teammates, Coordinators, and Speakers continues to grow with former inmates who were touched and changed by the Gospel promises.

In Puerto Rico, over 1000 Christians have been trained and taken into the prisons with CFL. Many of these are now chaplains and prison, school, and biker ministry volunteers.

The numbers?? They just give us a small picture of one aspect of a Champions Event. The important thing is: God knows, Heaven records and rejoices, our job – Keep Fishing!

Champions Events outside the States cannot be appreciated by just a report or someone relating their experience. One must come out of their “comfort zone”, go the extra mile, and position themselves on the foreign front line. This is where the Bible comes alive!

We have seen this on every Champions International trip we have taken. In Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Siberia, Peru, England, and Mongolia, wherever Christ is lifted high, God dramatically shows up and blesses everyone. Plan on joining the Champions International Team on the next trip.

Here are some of the frontline players who made the Puerto Rico event a huge success. Coordinators Col. Charles Lawson and Joe Nichols joined Puerto Rican coordinators Monty Smith and Paul Crosby to lead teams at Zarzal in the El Yunque rain forest prison. At Vega Alta women’s prison, Kitten Murphy, Velma Lawson, Lili Fernandez, and Juliann Arroyo led a team of 45 women teammates. In the 5 large Bayamon men’s prisons, Ferdinand Rodriguez joined CFL Puerto Rican Director Paco Fernandez, who orchestrated the Motorcycles, Cars, Performers, and Teams. Great job, Team.

Coordinators – Puerto Rico Team

Paco Fernandez, CFL Puerto Rico Director – Bayamon men’s prisons

Lili Fernandez – Vega Alta women’s prison and hospitality

Victor Nardone – General Chairman  

Ferdinand Rodriguez – Bayamon men’s prisons

Paul Crosby – Zarzal and Bayamon men’s prisons

Monty Smith – Zarzal and Bayamon men’s prisons, transportation

Johnny “Kayak” Foster – Bayamon men’s prisons, transportation

Hector Lopez – Transportation

Juliann Arroyo Smith, PR – Vega Alta women’s prison, photographer and  transportation


Coordinators – States Team

Col. Charles Lawson and Kentucky Joe Nichols – Zarzal and Bayamon men’s prisons

Velma Lawson – Vega Alta women’s prison

Kitten Murphy – Housing Director and Vega Alta women’s prison


Speakers/Performers/Translators/Drivers/Sound Crew


States Team                             Puerto Rico Team                   Backup and setup team


Tully Blanchard                      Fernando Camareno                Rogelio Perez

Johnny Spinks                         Jailene Cintron                        Vincente Gillette

Jon Kregel                               Rafael “Ghandi” Pagan          Orville Miller

Greg Phillips                           Michael Rodriguez                  Eric Hernandez

Dennis Rice                             Evelyn Cordova                      Bikers and Cars

Al Paquette                             Julio Santo                              Youth Singers

John Henry Millan                  Jose Rivera Aneiro

Danny Cartagena                   Maribel Quinones                Sigberto “Pochy” Garcia


A special Thank you to the churches who sponsored and blessed this exciting trip. To Pastor Moises Roman, Ministero Sanador where we trained, Pastor Juan Canales, New Testament Church, Dorado who provided our Fellowship Banquet, El Fruito De La Vid, Wesleyan Community Church for vans, La Senda Antigua Motorcycle Team, Barbara Ann Roessler and Abundant Life Fellowship for soldiers. We are honored to work with you and call you friends. Thank you for supporting CFL and saying ‘Yes’ to Jesus.


We are privileged to work with the Puerto Rico Department of Corrections. The great assistance we receive from Dr. Miguel Pereira,  Sec. DOC, Sr. Wilfredo Estrada, Asst. Dir. DOC, Sr. Roman L. Diaz, Norte Regional Dir., and their staff of corrections professionals is outstanding. Thank you and God bless you for your dedication and commitment to excellence in directing the Puerto Rico Department of Corrections.


Bill Glass, Founder CFL