San Bernadino WOC Prayer Request

Dear Weekend of Champions Teammates and CFL Prayer Partners:

Thursday, March 13, 2009 is the first day of the San Bernadino Weekend of Champions!!!

Please lift the weekend up in prayer daily between now and then:


1. We especially need God to protect all of the teammates and platform guest to have safe travel to the event!!!

2. We need the Holy Spirit to prepare the inmates hearts to receive the ministry and the Word of God!!

3. We need all of the plans for the Weekend to be successfully completed and implemented!!!

4. We all want the strength, power and guidance to do God’s will during the entire Weekend!!!

5. We want thousands and thousands of inmates, staff and teammates to be ministered to during the Weekend!!!

6. We are seeking God’s Perfect Will for the Event!!!

God Bless You!!!


Thank you so much for your support and prayers!!!








Bill Turner,

Southern California Executive Committee