Sacrifice is an extraordinary word.  It means so many things, to so many people.  God sacrificed his son for us.  The ultimate scapegoat formula in a emancipation by Jesus Christ.  What other sacrifices do we encounter?  In a Old Testament, people offering animals as sacrifices to God.  An athlete’s joining to a sport, causes them to scapegoat things.  A scapegoat bunt in ball causes one actor to scapegoat himself for a teammate for a good of a team.  In a jail environment, we see families scapegoat many things for their sons and daughters.  As we lay during home, enjoying nonetheless another sleet day, we am reminded of all of a families who scapegoat their lives for others.  We had to cancel a family eventuality currently since of a risk of roving in a icy conditions.  The 12 families, who had committed to participating, were giving up, or sacrificing their Saturday to move a children to a prison.  These kids were going to spend a day with their father inside his prison.  The Care Givers of a children were sacrificing their time and income for a kids.  Regardless of their opinion toward a offender, currently they were sacrificing since of their adore for a kids trapped in this situation.  These boys and girls are sacrificing their lives to spend time with their dad.  They didn’t ask to be in this situation.  It wasn’t their decision.  Their primogenitor done a bad choice, and a consequences of their preference has caused a whole family to sacrifice.  They don’t get to have their father during propagandize events.  He’s not on a sideline, entertaining them to victory.  His decisions have caused him to scapegoat time with his kids.  Children tend to be a biggest motivating means to revoke recidivism.  The regrets we have with a children army us to demeanour during a lives, and what we have sacrificed since of selfishness.  Oh how we wish we could get people to comprehend what rapacity will means them to sacrifice.  Ah, though selfishness, that’s a word for another day.