Report on exploitation of womanlike prisoners during Varamin’s Qarchak Prison

Zohreh Asadpour is one of a women arrested in a entertainment outward of a Ministry of Labor on International Women’s Day. She was eliminated to Qarchak jail in Varamin, along with other detainees. After her recover from prison, she wrote her observations in a news titled, “Qarchak Will Not Leave Us.”

The news illustrates a abominable conditions of a jail and a predicament of exploited women detainees.

The news reads in part:

“Fruits and vegetables are not enclosed in jail rations and therefore usually those with income have entrance to it from a jail store. Even celebration H2O is not openly available. The tainted sour H2O in Qarchak is not even suitable for soaking clothes… In jail we have to have income to buy bottled H2O from a jail store.

Earning income is also a apart story; deprived prisoners have no choice though to work in prison… These lady workers are not paid by a prison, rather other prisoners have to compensate them and any restrained is thankful to compensate them 1,500 tomans (around 50 cents) each month as salary.

The jail laborers have to be during a seminar before 9 am until 5pm. Eight hours of work a day in sell for intensely considerate wages!

Qarchak Prison is a jail in Varamin for women who have been indicted of committing several crimes. The jail is situated in a deserts nearby easterly Tehran that creates it formidable for families to revisit their desired ones.

Qarchak Prison