As Christmas enlightens our spirit and warms up our hearts, let�s all give
our praise reports to the Network for the year 2006.

What has God has done through your ministry? Maybe you are among 10,000
people who wrote to INPM members in past years, so share with us!

It will be a special blessing for me to hear if you are a former inmate and
after release went to the church not to your old crime life. Encourage us
all with your story!

If you are just a one-man or one-woman ministry writing to inmates, tell us
how many letters have been sent through you by the Lord.

If God moves your heart to write your PRAISE REPORT FOR 2006 to the world of
Prison Ministries, please keep in mind:

It must be not a sermon, not a long testimony, just several paragraphs of
your story, ministry successes and a prayer request for 2007. INPM members
are encouraged to provide the INPM page as a web reference. We do not
publish "Nobody KnowsWho.com" links.

Please mention your country, if other than USA or Canada.

All the blessings,

Serge Taran,
INPM Founder


P.S. I�m starting to write INPM Praise Report 2006 right now! I will be
anxious to read yours!