Qaraqe: Palestinian Prisoners Seek to Be Recognized as Prisoners of War

Qaraqe: Palestinian Prisoners Seek to Be Recognized as Prisoners of War


Published on Thursday, 16 Aug 2012 12:37


On Thursday 16Th August, Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs, Issa Qaraqe, pronounced in a press recover that a Palestinian Captive Movement launched a new inhabitant program, with authorised and domestic dimensions, seeking to be recognized as ‘war prisoners’, according to a general and charitable law.

Qaraqe combined that a new module advocated by a prisoners in Eishel Israeli jail fits into a debate of rights groups who try to put vigour on Israeli authorities in sequence to recognize a prisoners as ‘prisoners of war’, in line with a third and fourth Geneva Convention, and to stop subjecting them to Israeli inner troops laws.

Palestinian prisoners find to benefaction a new module during a Sep assembly of a Human Rights Council, as good as during a United Nations General Assembly, and to have it legally adopted by a Palestinian authorities.

Qaraqe pronounced that a Ministry of Prisoners released a breeze chronicle of a module 3 years ago, and presented it during several general meetings and conferences. The Palestinian management and a President Mahmoud Abbas voiced their support and pronounced that it would be one of a priorities during a arriving International Conference for Prisoners that will take place in Iraq in December, following a resolutions of a Arab League that motionless to internationalize a emanate of prisoners.

Qaraqe also pronounced that a Palestinian authorised cabinet will accumulate shortly to set adult a work devise per a emanate of prisoners, in team-work with a Palestinian Foreign Ministry.