Prosecution of Reggie Clemons in Missouri to be Subject of Special Death Penalty Hearing

Reggie Clemons has been on Missouri‘s genocide quarrel for 19 years for a murder of dual immature white women.  He has already come tighten to execution, and one of a co-defendants in a box has been executed. Clemons’ self-assurance was formed partly on his admission to rape that he says was beaten out of him by a police.  Other testimony opposite Clemons came from his co-defendants.  Of a 4 group charged with a murders, 3 were black and one was white.  The white co-defendant is already out on parole.  Because of doubts that have arisen about a effect of his conviction, a special conference will be hold on Sep 17 to establish either essential errors were done in prosecuting Clemons.  The special master presiding during a conference will afterwards benefaction a recommendation to a Missouri Supreme Court. Clemons’ lawyers are approaching to benefaction new justification that supports his avowal that he was physically beaten into creation a confession, and that a coerced admission should not have been certified during trial. Other issues expected to be lifted embody a prosecution’s disaster to divulge a rape pack to invulnerability lawyers, and that a demeanour in that a jury was comparison was after ruled unconstitutional. (Ed Pilkington of The Guardian discusses his review into a box in a concomitant video.)

A relations of a victims’ family, Jeanine Cummins, pronounced both immature women were adamantly against to a genocide penalty. Cummins herself believes a genocide chastisement should be abolished since it usually brings serve pang to families such as hers who have already been by so much.

(E. Pilkington, “Death chastisement on trial: should Reggie Clemons live or die?,” The Guardian (London), Aug 21, 2012).  See Arbitrariness and Innocence.  Listen to DPIC’s podcast on Victims.