Prisons to offer devout program

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Monterey County’s dual state prisons are among those starting a faith-based module directed during gripping parolees from returning once they are freed.

Prison Fellowship Ministries announced final month that businessman and rustic Wayne Hughes and his wife, Wendy, have donated some-more than $2 million to a Urban Ministry Institute Christian overdo program.

“Deep bill cuts have flattering most separated programs to rehabilitate a state’s prisoners,” Wayne Hughes said. “Wendy and we are stepping adult to a image to enhance a module that will make a outrageous disproportion in a prisons and, ultimately, in a cities.”

According to Prison Fellowship Ministries, a module — a partnership with World Impact, a Christian missions organization, is in a formulation stages during a Correctional Training Facility and Salinas Valley State Prison in Soledad. However, a module is set to start locally this fall.

The module — underneath agreement with a California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation — is widespread out into 16 nine-week courses run by lerned Prison Fellowship volunteers. Upon completion, participants accept a Certificate in Christian Leadership Studies.

The idea is to ready prisoners for apropos Christian leaders on recover can strech out to other ex-offenders and their families.

Prison Fellowship pronounced a idea is to supplement 32 some-more classes opposite a state prisons. So far, 265 inmates have enrolled in a program.

Bill Sessa, orator for a state prisons, reliable that a module is now during Calipatria and Centinela state prisons and R.J. Donovan Correctional.

“This is a element to many of a eremite programs that we offer,” Sessa said.

It’s critical to note, he said, that a module doesn’t offer a grade in ministry. Sessa pronounced a dialect supports 5 simple religions in any of a prisons.

Hughes pronounced he and his mother donated to a module to assistance participants find purpose in life and revoke a recidivism rate.

Hughes pronounced he has seen how it has remade inmates into prolific members of a community.

“I consider we can’t change a man’s function unless we change his heart,” he said. “And a fastest approach to changing a man’s heart is to trigger and shepherd a attribute with God that allows him to see a opposite perspective.”

In further to contributing monetarily, Hughes said, he travels to prisons and speaks about a program. He pronounced he speaks to them as men, creation certain not to speak down to a inmates.

For Hughes, assisting exercise a module is a job — one he hopes a race will share.

“I consider there is a vast shred of a race that is in hold with a rapist probity complement and we don’t consider about it,” he said. “Yet, as a citizen, it’s a avocation to make a state and nation a improved place.”