Prison work programs are large income makers: official

According to information gathered by a Agency of Corrections underneath a Ministry of Justice, sales of prison-made products during 10 jails opposite a nation totaled over NT$320 million (US$10.64 million) in 2011.

Prisons in Taiwan have aggressively grown a module and a ensuing businesses given 2006, with inmates origination a operation of products such as baked goods, spices, sauces, and artistic crafts.

The growth of those businesses has resulted in clever sales by a origination of several successful brands, from Taipei Prison pineapple cakes and Tainan Prison egg rolls to Hsinchu Prison meatballs and Kaohsiung Prison oil-paper umbrellas.

Aside from compelling sales, a module has also been used to assistance pass on skills used to make normal crafts such as bamboo hats and mill sculptures, pronounced Penghu Prison Warden Huang Chien-ting.