Prison Ministry Opportunities in Fresno, CA

Join us in Fresno, CA WOC on May 01-03, 2008! Read more about this event here.

You will be part of a Champion team that includes living legends of prison ministry – Jack Murphy and Sandi Fatow; the strongest man on the planet, Keith Davis; Guinness Book of Records Champions Tanya Crevier; football and basketball players, and other famous men of God!

It will be an unforgettable weekend!

If you have never been in the prison before, or you have loved ones behind bars, why not join us in Prison Ministry? It might be YOUR ministry!

Call our friendly CFL office staff at 972-298-1101, if you have any questions! 

You may register here  or call our office for more help. 

Registration ends on May 01-03, 2008! Register NOW!

Please listen to Bill Glass’ invitation. 

If God speaks to your heart, this is YOUR ministry, but you can not come with us behind prison bars, you may concider helping other Christians to fulfill this comission.

Tully Blanchard,

Prison Ministry Director