Press Release-22nd September 2012

Ronald and Christinal Pillai, authors of Christformation In You-From Genesis to Revelation-The Big Picture ( have launched a sponsorship program for Every Prison a Copy project on 11th November, 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This book is relevant and it’s a powerful tool for change with permanent character formation within a believer when responded accordingly, say the authors. The idea is rehabilitation with reduced recidivism rate of offenders in mind. Encouraging inmates to complete reading a book and testing them with comprehension questions is a normal practice in most prisons and rehabilitation centres. Furthermore, essay and summary writing helps inmates digest what they have read, in order for them to contemplate on applying something they have learnt to their lives.

Individual and corporate sponsorships are welcomed to ensure that every prison in this world has a copy of this book in their library made available for inmates to read while in their incarceration. It is a partnership program to offer the inmates a second chance to rehabilitate and return to society as responsible persons. “The availability of this book gives them the opportunity to return to the LORD, admit their sin and guilt, repent, and make every effort to turn away from pleasing the sinful nature forever” so stressed the authors again. Contact Ronald at about participating in event.