Plodprasop gets 2-year jail term

Plodprasop Suraswadi is condemned to dual years in jail by a Appeal Court and is expelled on bail on Tuesday. (Bangkok Post record photo)

The Appeal Court on Tuesday condemned ex-deputy primary apportion Plodprasop Suraswadi to dual years in jail for his purpose in a demotion of a comparison central during a Natural Resources and Environment Ministry in 2003.

In Mar final year, a Central Corruption Court found him guilty of impropriety and handed down a one-year jail tenure dangling for dual years.

In a statute on Tuesday, a Appeal Court found him guilty on dual depends underneath Section 157 and Section 84 of a Criminal Code and gave a one-year jail tenure for any of them.

The justice pronounced it motionless opposite suspending a jail terms since Mr Plodprasop’s actions could have caused critical repairs to a inhabitant administration. The lawsuit was lodged by Vitoon Chalayonnawin, a former emissary arch of a Department of Marine and Coastal Resources.

According to a lawsuit, Mr Plodprasop, while portion as a ministry’s permanent secretary, cancelled an sequence compelling Mr Vitoon to turn executive of a forestry bureau and also ensured he was eliminated to a reduction successful post.

Mr Vitoon cited personal conflicts as a ground behind Mr Plodprasop’s action.

The justice found Mr Plodprasop shabby Damrong Pidech, a afterwards arch of a Royal Forest Department, to have Mr Vitoon demoted.

Mr Plodprasop was after expelled on bail.