Plans for new Port Talbot jail blocked by Welsh Government

Prison pic

Plans for a super jail in Port Talbot seem to have been blocked by a Welsh Government.

It owns a due site during Baglan and pronounced it “will not facilitate” any new prisons in Wales until a Ministry of Justice has concluded to suggestive talks about a penal system.

Demands for a devolution of policing and rapist justice, bringing Wales into line with Scotland and Northern Ireland, have been deserted by a UK Government.

But a Welsh Government has left forward with a possess Commission on Justice to demeanour into how a devolved complement should operate.

I am endangered that though a suggestive in-depth contention with a UK Government, we will continue to see augmenting direct on Welsh open services and poorer outcomes for people in a rapist probity complement in Wales. we am quite endangered that some of a group and women in Wales who are sent to prison, are not receiving a services and support they need to safeguard that they can be effectively rehabilitated and upheld not to re-offend.

Whilst we wait for a Commission on Justice to strech a conclusions, we need to press forward with building a opposite and graphic smoothness proceed that reflects a needs of people in Wales.

Until we have deliberate this in some-more fact and had some-more minute discussions with a UK Government, we do not trust it is in a interests possibly of a Welsh Government or people in Wales, to see serve jail growth in Wales. we have therefore created to a Secretary of State for Justice to surprise him that until a some-more suggestive discourse with a Welsh Government takes place, we will not promote a serve growth of prisons in Wales.

Mr Davies pronounced Welsh prisons need to describe improved to open services and process approaches in Wales, including what could be finished to forestall many people being sent to prison. He pronounced brief sentences mostly had a harmful impact on people’s lives.

The Ministry of Justice says it stays committed to building a jail in Port Talbot, nonetheless a internal legislature says it has selected a wrong site. The Welsh Government’s proclamation was welcomed by a internal MP.

This is acquire news from Welsh Government who are now putting a postponement on facilitating any jail growth in Wa…

I was astounded and a small confused by a matter that was released this afternoon by a Ministry of Justice. Last Tuesday dual members of a Stop Neath Port Talbot Prison debate cabinet and we met in Westminster with a prisons apportion and his comparison team, for what was a really constructive discussion. The apportion done it transparent that he had listened delicately to a concerns and arguments that we had been creation for some time, and had therefore motionless to place serve skeleton for a construction of a jail in Baglan on hold.

Plaid Cymru has pronounced that it should not be what it called a proxy postpone though a finish anathema on building new prisons until control of a rapist probity and penal complement is devolved to Wales.