Pentonville Prison careers advisors to be laid off in ‘short-sighted’ decision

PUBLISHED: 14:08 28 Mar 2018 | UPDATED: 14:08 28 Mar 2018

Three careers advisors are set to be laid off during uneasy Pentonville. Picture: Charlotte Ball/PA Archive

Three careers advisors are set to be laid off during uneasy Pentonville. Picture: Charlotte Ball/PA Archive

PA Archive/PA Images

The Ministry of Justice is not renewing a agreement with a Education and Skills Funding Agency, and a advisors could turn surplus on Saturday.

Islington MPs Emily Thornberry and Jeremy Corbyn both spoke out opposite a winnow this week. Ms Thornberry, Islington South and Finsbury MP given 2005, has formerly done countless representations about a state of a exploding Victorian jail in Caledonian Road.

She told a Gazette: “I have done my views transparent many times on a unfortunate and dangerous state of Pentonville, and a Tory government’s sum disaster to do anything about it.

“But it only adds insult to that damage for them to get absolved of staff during Pentonville – and opposite a nation – whose pursuit is assisting inmates to devise and sight for lives outward prison, where they can get jobs and make a some-more certain grant to a multitude and a economy.

“Whatever a supervision skeleton to do with a assets these redundancies will create, it is a clarification of a fake economy to make them by slicing behind on staff who are perplexing to rehabilitate prisoners and make certain they do not re-offend after their release.”

Mr Corbyn, a Islington North MP and Labour Party leader, said: “It indeed saves income to deposit scrupulously in good peculiarity rehabilitation.”

The advisors work with prisoners via their sentences, assisting them benefit entrance to preparation and mostly building connectors with internal employers.

Tom Schuller, chair of a Prisoner Learning Alliance, said: “This myopic preference will put serve vigour on a complement already underneath lavish strain.

“We therefore call on a supervision to recur a cut to a National Careers Service in prisons, or to explain, as a matter of urgency, what will reinstate this critical service.”

A Ministry of Justice orator said: “We are committed to providing preparation and training to broach some-more effective reconstruction to residence a needs of offenders.

“We are reviewing options for choice sustenance as partial of wider practice services. This will give governors serve control over how their preparation and training offer is delivered.”