Harvest in Huntsville, TX


Teammates engaged: 362


Overall participants (teammates, platform guests, staff, drivers): 408



Platform guests:

Tully Blanchard, Joe Blanchard, Matt Blagg, Amber Begin, Tanya Crevier, Bill Glass, Bob Whitcomb, Brenda Harp, Jenn Harris, Jim Harris, Clifton Jansky , Jack Parker, McCoy Mclemore, Robin Meeks, Kenny Munds, Chris Plekenpol, Dennis Rice, Larry Rowe, Don Singleton, Johnny Spinks, Tino Wallenda, Jack Meeks, Tina Stull


Prisons visited:

Eastham Unit, Byrd Unit, Cleveland Correctional Center, Ellis Unit, Estelle Unit, Ferguson Unit, Goree Unit, Harris County Substance Abuse Center, Henley State Jail, Hightower Unit, Holiday Transfer Unit, Joe Kegans State Jail, Lychner Unit, Pack Unit, Plane State Jail, Wynne Farm Unit



Total population in 16 units: 25,858



Decisions for Salvation: 1,051



Decisions for Rededication for Christ: 1,738



Total Decisions for Christ: 2,789


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ROC Beeville, Texas: Praise Report

Ring of Chamions Feb. 18, 2008 Beeville, Texas Praise Report


Total Participants: 216

Number of Detention youth: 216

First time Decisions:  Youth: 173

Counselor Attendance

Veterans: 10 Freshman: 0 Platform: 1

Street drama team Band/Music Totals: 11

What a great event. We were invited to come to the alternative school to speak to the kids about Life Choices and the far reaching impact that their life choices have. Gary German came and spoke about the allure of fast money and gang life when you are young. At 17 years old Gary was making between 10-15 thousand dollars a week selling crack. Gary shared what his early life choices cost , including holding his 14 month old son in his arms as he died when a rival gang shot up his house during a drive bye shooting. Every kid in that gym was on the edge of their seat as Gary made it very plain.

When Gary ask how many were ready to change their lives and let Jesus Christ determine their future 200 kids stood to their feet…Many with tears in their eyes. As always our ROC youth band and Street Drama team did an outstanding job. Several of our teammates said it was one of the best events they had attended. We have been invited to come back in May.

Word of Life Church has agreed to step up and bring Pizza for the kids next time.

What a great day, Jesus was honored and lives were changed.

Peace and Grace,

Ralph McMullen

Director: Ring of Champions


What is Prison Ministry Crusade Format?

Exciting programs with pro-athletes, speakers, bikers, and entertainers to attract, inspire, and motivate the audience.

Trained volunteers then share their Faith in God and present  the Gospel to listeners.

Local Churches do Follow-up.

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