Alaska Coalition for Prisoner Re-entry

The Alaska Coalition for Prisoner Re-Entry program is an opportunity to assist in providing a second chance for those who have been incarcerated. AKCPR is a partnership of a network of community, faith, and governmental agencies that help ex-offenders successfully re-enter the community.{youtube}3t_CxnalEx0{/youtube} Read more

Tattooed neo-Nazi met Jesus in prison

Seventeen years of prison and a lifetime of hate, violence and racism is mapped on Steven Neill’s body. Druids, swastikas, skulls and symbols of the occult circle and mesh darkly up his arms and disappear into his shirt; the letters “skinhead” are tattooed across the knuckles of both Read more

Dennis Rice

DENNIS RICEDennis Rice was born around 1939.  He did not join the Manson Family until after the arrests.  On August 21, 1971, he and others were involved in the robbery and shootout at the Western Surplus Store in Hawthorne, California.  During his prison incarceration, Dennis became a Read more