Organo Gold Congratulates NFL Mom, Minister Felicia Young on Her 2012 M. Athalie Range Leadership Award: Helps to …

Ida Muorie of Sports Maverick Show, says “Felcia Young is some-more than NFL Mom, She is a Prison Minister, a Best Seller Author, Community Leader, Motivation Speaker, Prayer Moderator, and Friend to a forgotten.”

Houston, Tx (PRWEB) Aug 01, 2012

On Wednesday, Aug 8, 2012 Minister Felicia Young will be commend during a “Red Carpet” rite of a 2012 Living Legends of Funeral Service Awards during a Nationa Funeral Directors Morticians Association‘s Diamond Jubilee Convention in Las Vegas during a Mirage, Hotel. Event sponsored by 100 Black Women of Funeral Service, Inc. In a jubilee of Leadership, Minister Young will travel into a footsteps of M. Athalie Range. Mrs. Range was a rainmaker in a wake attention for over 50 years, a personality in people politics in a US and a South Florida communities.

“Minister Young will applaud along with a 2012 Living Legends of Funeral Service Honorees that will be famous for their 50+ years of use to their communities and leadship to a Funeral Service Professional during a 75th Annual NFDMA, Inc. Convention (National Funeral Director and Mortician Association),” says Elleanor Starks, NFL Mom, Founder, Executive Director of 100 Black Women of Funeral Service, Orlando, Florida.


Felicia Young is a mom of a NFL good Vince Young, quarterback for a Buffalo Bills, before with a Philadelphia Eagles, Tennesee Titans and a Texan Longhorns. The impulse for a method came from a struggles of Felicia early life with alcohol, drugs and domestic violence, GOD has altered her life over 14 years ago, and Felicia has consecrated her life as a Minister, Author, Artist, Teacher, Leader, Prayer Moderator and Evangelist. This tour is chronicled in her best offered book, “Touchdown From Heaven,” and in her Gospel CD called “Jesus He Reigns.” Felicia’s method has taken her as distant Israel, South America, Mexico, Caribbean, and as tighten as a internal prisons, where she spends her afternoons ministering to a lost, forgotten, abused and deserted in society. The method prophesy is to commission women of all ages and racial groups, and to yield transitory vital homes for group and women. Felicia Young Minstries goals are to yield Global Community Gospelfests, Soul Winning Conferences, Prison Ministry and Transitional Living Homes for both group and women via a United States. The book and a CD are accessible on a ministry’s website,, and Barnes for sale.

Mission Statement: Felicia Young Ministries Transitional Living Homes (FYMTLH) for before jailed women is a 2nd step faith bottom classification that find to finish recidivism* for former jailed woman, by providing a live-in protected and home-like sourroundings that will offer Christian Life Style Skills, and programs associated to issues of mental health, preparation and emloyment, health, housing and homliness, piece abuse and reconnection with families.”

“According to National Institute of Corrections 2011 report, women are a biggest risk for recividism in US prisons. Since 1991, a series of mothers in jail are adult 131 percent, and a series are doubling each year. Many are repeat offenders.”

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Organo Gold brings we a Treasures of a Earth by their reward coffees, tea, prohibited chocolate and other tasty beverages with an organic Twist, “Ganoderma, aristocrat healthy herbs, famous for a recovering properties via China for Centuries.” With a fundraiser launch of a initial of many (FYMTLH) Transitional Living Homes for before Incarcerated Women in Houston, Texas, your dollars will go to an superb bid to reduce a recidivism of recently expelled women form prisoner, and we will be providing will go directly to a (FYMTLH) Felicia Young Ministries Transitional Living Homes Fund, and we will be means to representation Organo Gold’s reward code in your home with your family and friends.

Contact: Ida R. Muorie, Organo Gold Distributor, Idarmuorie(at) or go to Felicia Young Ministries website for some-more information.

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