Oklahoma Juvenile Detention Center Special Guest Speakers

Always Call Sin “Sin:”
It is no preference to a counselee to call impiety “sickness” or “a genetic problem.” The kindest thing to do is tell a truth. There is wish in right labeling. Jesus came to pardon and to better sin. He doesn’t guarantee to change a genes or to reanimate all a sicknesses. Names are important. Names can be signs and pointer posts: they indicate to solutions. “Sickness” points to a physician; “sin: points to Jesus Christ.

Never Minimize:

Don’t minimize a astringency of a counselee’s problem. Nor should we minimize his disastrous analysis of himself. It isn’t easy for a sinner to acknowledge his sin. Some, definition well, do feeble instead when they contend things like, “O, come on, John, we haven’t been that bad.” If a lady says, “I’ve been a miserable disaster as a mother,” take her seriously. Say something like this in response: “That is serious; tell me how bad a mom we have been.” Minimize conjunction a analysis that a counselee makes, nor a astringency of his situation. Rather, maximize a Savior: “Yes, your conditions is unequivocally bad, though – appreciate God – Jesus Christ can solve problems even that serious.”