Oklahoma City, OK in pictures and numbers

 Oklahoma City, OK

Weekend of Champions

April 3 –5, 2008

Director:   Tully Blanchard

PA:   Ronda Taylor



CCA – Cimarron Correctional…….……………..Jaye Rob Smith

CCA – Davis Correctional…………….…………Jim Calmes

CCA – Diamondback Correctional.……………..Leroy Villanueva

Central Oklahoma Juvenile Center.……………Yvette Patton

Mabel Bassett Correctional……………………..Roberta Edwards

Oklahoma County Detention Center..………….Alan Mann, Nancy Jobe, George Beckner, & Jack Level


NUNUMBER OF TEAMMATES:                  Male                          Female      

Veterans                                         116                             55


 NUMBER OF TEAMMATES:                  Male                          Female     

Freshmen                                          64                             52 

      NUMBER OF TEAMMATES:                  Male                          Female

Platform Guests/Staff/Drivers                   37                             18

 NUMBER OF TEAMMATES:                  Male                  Female

TOTALTEAMMATES                           217                   125




Matt Blagg             Tully Blanchard      Bill Corum                  Tanya Crevier        Keith Davis

Sandi Fatow          Bill Glass                 Brenda Harp              Jenn Harris             Clifton Jansky

John Lance           Wes Lane               McCoy McLemore    Jack Meeks            Robin Meeks


Stephanie Miller    Kenny Munds         Jack Murphy             Ron Murray            Chris Plekenpol 



Sonja Samuel       Don Singleton         Johnny Spinks           Tino Wallenda         Paul Wrenn


Prison                                               Population     Salvation         Other           #Teammates

CCA – Cimarron Correctional                  1040             56                    53                       21

     A & D Units

     B & C Units & Gym

CCA – Davis Correctional                       1000             36                    36                       21

     A & D Units

     B & C Units & Gym

CCA – Diamondback Correctional            2100             759                 117                       61

     G Yard

     Ball field

Central Oklahoma Juvenile Center           120             45                    56                       35

Mabel Bassett Correctional                     1124           43                   112                      54

     C1 & D

     C2 & C3

Oklahoma County Detention Center        2400            268                 390                      95

     7 Floors

TOTALS (20 sites)                               6,660         1,207               764                     342




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