Ohio Governor Grants Clemency Based on Defendant’s Mental Capacity

On Jul 10, Ohio Governor John Kasich (pictured) postulated indulgence to genocide quarrel invalid John Eley, who was scheduled to be executed on Jul 26.  Eley’s judgment was reduced to life in jail but parole. The administrator pronounced he formed his preference on justification that Eley acted underneath a instruction of another person, and that his mental ability was limited, saying, “Without those factors it is puzzled that Eley would have committed this crime.” The prosecutor in a box and one of a judges who condemned Eley to genocide called for mercy. The Ohio Parole Board voted 5-3 opposite recommending clemency.  Those who voted for indulgence pronounced that Eley’s crime was not one of a “worst of a worst,” and that identical crimes frequency accept genocide sentences. This is a third death-row indulgence postulated by Gov. Kasich, including dual released in 2011.

(A. Welsh-Huggins, “Ohio administrator spares torpedo of store owner,” Associated Press, Jul 10, 2012.) See Clemency and Ohio. Listen to DPIC’s podcast on Clemency.