No restrained barter for bin Laden hunt doctor, says Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan – Pakistan’s unfamiliar method has ruled out a probability of a “prisoner swap” with a United States for Shakil Afridi, a Pakistani alloy who helped a CIA lane down al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to a devalue in a north of a country.

The rejection came in response to Pakistani media reports that Afridi was possibly being prepared for a calm sell or was confronting confidence risks, following his new send to a opposite prison.

“I am not wakeful of any understanding per Dr Shakil Afridi,” pronounced Pakistani unfamiliar method orator Muhammad Faisal during a press lecture on Thursday.

“On interest of [the unfamiliar ministry], we can assure we that he is not being handed over to US.”

Afridi has been in Pakistani control given 2011, and was convicted a following year by a judiciary to 33 years in jail for helping a Lashkar-e-Islam armed group, his lawyer, Qamar Nadeem, told Al Jazeera.

Afridi has denied a charges and is in a routine of appealing a verdict. His judgment was reduced to 23 years in 2014, his counsel said.

No charges have been brought opposite him per his helping a CIA in administering feign vaccinations to members of bin Laden’s family in a northern city of Abbottabad in sequence to endorse their identities.

US officials have given reliable Afridi’s purpose in a operation, with US President Donald Trump vowing during his choosing debate to vigour Pakistan to recover him.

US special army launched a growth raid into Pakistani domain in May 2011 to constraint or kill bin Laden. The al-Qaeda arch and 9/11 designer and several associates were killed in a operation.

Possible jail transfer

On Apr 27, Afridi was changed from a jail in Peshawar, where he has been hold given 2012, nonetheless no central reason was given for a step to be taken, his counsel said.

“Last Friday, he was shifted, though we were not strictly told where he was moved,” pronounced Nadeem. “Neither his family nor his lawyers know where he is right now.”

The interior method did not respond to a ask for comment.

The pierce stirred sections of Pakistan’s press to assume that Afridi was possibly being prepared for a calm trade with a US, or was confronting confidence risks.

“We are wakeful of reports that Dr Afridi has been eliminated to another prison,” a US Embassy orator told Al Jazeera.  

“We design a supervision of Pakistan to take all required measures to safeguard Dr Afridi’s safety”, a orator said.  

The subsequent conference in Afridi’s interest is due on May 31, though a box has faced unchanging delays, with supervision prosecutors mostly not appearing or requesting additional time from a tribunal.

Afridi was condemned by a four-member judiciary of polite administrators underneath a Frontier Crimes Regulation, a colonial-era law that rights activists have prolonged argued violates citizens’ elemental rights.

His interest has been ongoing before a apart tribunal.

Asad Hashim is Al Jazeera’s digital match in Pakistan. He tweets @AsadHashim