New Ministry: Women of Completion

Yolanda2.JPGMinister Yolanda Atkins Cotton, right, and members of Women of Completion give a motivational speak about life to Chapman Middle School students Friday May 21, 2010.

DECATUR, AL — Ministry: Women of Completion, assembly during my home in Decatur. Our website is
under construction.

Denomination: We come from several opposite Christian

Motto: “Taking a auspicious word of evangelism behind to the

The purpose behind this method is a prophesy God place in me
after we was expelled from jail in 1995.

My method started in prison. we myself lived a life mostly
running a streets. we sole drugs, dependent myself with squad activities, and
went by dual bad, violent relations that roughly cost me my life.

After my mom upheld divided when we was 16, we strayed away
from all her tough adore and chastisement. we went serve erroneous when my sister
and best friend, Janice Atkins Wages, was murdered. we became sour and angry,
too a indicate where we didn’t caring about holding someone’s life myself.

That opinion alone led me to live a mortal lifestyle –
with God spiritually impediment me when a military did.

God took me from a streets to gangling my life and sent me
back to a streets to gangling others’ lives.

women.JPGMinister Yolanda Atkins Cotton speak to Chapman Middle School students Friday May 21, 2010.

Emphasis: To strech a mislaid souls and let them know that
Christ Jesus died so that they could have almighty life with him. And that they
don’t’ have to sell their bodies or sell drugs or be in violent attribute or

We come from behind a walls of a church to let the
unlovable know that Jesus loves them, too.

Work: We go to opposite states, targeting a drug-infested
areas, a prostitutes and homeless.

We have worked in Georgia,
California, New York,
Chicago, Ohio, Mississippi, Alabama and

Leaders: Our comparison leaders, Bishop Curtis and Valarie  Minniwether of Jackson,
Miss., and Pastor Mary Wheatley of Columbus, Ohio,
keep us in request when we are out in a streets.

Challenge: The biggest problem we faced in starting this
ministry was perplexing to get other church leaders to participate. No one wanted
to leave a pulpit to do so, not even to feed a homeless.

I solved this problem since a other women and we take out
of a possess pockets to do what God has placed in us to do.

We never attempted to request for supervision funds. We only pray
and ask God to supply us with what we need to be a blessing to someone else.

Message: we take my testimony on how he saved and altered my
life and line it adult with a loyal word of god. We take Bible tracts to leave.
We urge with people, adore on them, only to let them know that Jesus is adore and

Advice to others starting ministries: Make certain your heart
is full of love, since if we don’t have adore and calm to do a works
that Jesus did, we never will be means to strech those mislaid souls on those
streets. Just like Jesus did, we take it to a streets.

Next: going into schools and articulate to kids about gangs,
teen pregnancies, rebelliousness, hatred and God.

Books: we have explained my life’s story in “Behind the
Desert: The Making of a Christian Soldier,” and of a combining of Women of
Completion and a life stories of my sisters in conflict in “Women of War.”
Information about these and my other books is posted on a website.

By Yolanda Atkins Cotton, owner and executive of Women of Completion.

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