Ministry of Finance rejects serve $10 M. Prison proposal

The Ministry of Finance has flatly deserted a offer for an additional $10 million for a second proviso of a Tanumalala Prison facility.

The rejecting was reliable by a Minister of Prison Services and Corrections, Tialavea Tionisio Hunt, in response to questions from a Samoa Observer.

“It was flatly denied by a Ministry of Finance,” he pronounced adding that “they usually authorized $2.9 million.”

The trickery is already estimated to cost some-more than $20 million tala.

“We estimated that proviso one would cost adult to $10 million,” pronounced Tialavea.

“However a bid that won was $7.4 million” 

The bid was by Schwarz Construction, a association owned by Tialavea’s younger brother, Alai’asa Schwarz Hunt.

 “We perceived $3.7 million from a categorical bill for F.Y. 2018-2019; afterwards from a extra we got $3.8 million.

“Another $1.5 million was perceived for a administration retard and in sum that is $9 million. That is a income they gave us. 

“The additional $10 million due for a categorical bill of financial year 2019-2020 is for a second phase. But it was flatly denied by a Ministry of Finance.”

It was not probable to get a criticism from a Ministry of Finance yesterday.

But a Minister done it transparent there is no movement to a cost of a initial proviso of a project.

 “The initial devise laid out for a jail had to be nice since a area where a Prison is built is rocky. 

“So we have had to rectify a strange plans, and now we are putting a building on a front and a core of a compound.”

Asked if a building was enclosed in a offer for a initial phase, a Minister pronounced no. 

“It was not enclosed in a initial phase; however after going by a skeleton of a project, we have motionless to embody this in a initial proviso since it’s required.” 

So because are they move with a building when it was not partial of a behest process? 


  • Minister Tialavea Tionisio Hunt.
  • Tanumalala Prison facility.


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Tanumalala Prison facility.

Tanumalala Prison facility.

 “We have motionless to embody a building to fit in with a initial phase. Although it is not included, though for good reason, it is indispensable there,” pronounced Tialavea.

 “We are now negotiating to establish what is a estimated cost for a tower. we consider it competence be a small over $900,000.”

Asked because there has been no behest routine for a building if it was not partial of initial phase, a Minister pronounced there was no need.

 “There is a stream agreement and they possess a site; a Committee that oversees this project, we only combined this new Tower. 

The Minister is austere that their initial offer of $20million for a jail will not increase. 

“The remaining projects we have is a Admin Block; a Generator; Storage with travel in Freezer; Housing for Correction officers on a compound; Water tank and a Rehabilitation building, this is all enclosed in proviso two. 

“The sum devise is $20 million.”

Last month, Deputy Commissioner of Prisons and Correction Services, Levaopolo Rosa Mene positive a Tanugamalala Prison is forward of report and if continues according to plan, prisoners should immigrate there by Dec this year.  

A ministerial investigation led by Prime Minister Tuilaepa Dr Sa’ilele Malielegaoi of a jail during a time remarkable that a devise was 80 percent completed.

“We are approach forward of schedule, a biggest plea is a bad weather. Also Tropical Cyclone Gita behind a project,” pronounced Levao. 

The second proviso of a devise will embody a administration retard and punishment cells for limit security.  

 “The disproportion between a unchanging jail dungeon and a punishment dungeon is a minimal space.  

“If we are a good behaved prisoner, we will sojourn housed during a unchanging cell; however if we misbehave you’ll afterwards offer adult to 21 days in a punishment cell.  

The punishment dungeon is most smaller and a approach a dungeon is built minimizes object compared to a unchanging cells.” 

She explained a new jail should residence between 500-600 prisoners, including women.  

“The ability we have during a impulse in Tafa’igata is some-more than 367 prisoners thorough of women,” she said.  

“The whole devalue will be fenced and there will be dual cumulative fences, all a edges for a buildings will be fenced off-and that is cumulative fence. There will be a multipurpose building for visitations and reconstruction programmes.”