Ministry introduces vocational courses for jail inmates

Inmates attending a lecture

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has introduced several programmes to supply inmates during a Central Jail in Doha with job-related skills that could pledge them a improved destiny when released.
In an talk with internal daily Arrayah, Colonel Mohamed Saud al-Utaibi, executive of a Penal and Reformatory Institutions Department of a MoI pronounced a process has been constantly penetrating on reforms in a penal institutions.
“The MoI focuses on unsentimental and technical training courses, and training courses in mechanism skills and a English language. The process is really penetrating on giving inmates certificates to assistance them get a pursuit after release. This certificate is expelled by an educational entity and it does not prove that a chairman was an invalid in a penal investiture or even during a MoI,” forked out
Col al-Utaibi.

Inmates training a job-related skill. PICTURES: Shaji Kayamkulam

He indicated that a dialect co-operates with a Police Training Institute to reason unchanging training courses on mechanism skills and English denunciation for a jail inmates. There is also a identical co-operation with an preparation centre to organize training courses for a inmates on a investiture and government of small-size enterprises.
“Our concentration is that a invalid gets out of here well-equipped and competent to find a pursuit or run a tiny plan that helps him live a normal life. We quite concentration on vocations and fields demanded by a work
market,” he said.
“We have to investigate a tangible needs of a work marketplace for technical and veteran vocations. For example, we have detected that now a marketplace needs welding and electricity-related jobs. Therefore, we have hold some training courses on these fields generally that many inmates have low turn education,” pronounced a director.
The training courses in welding and electricity go on for 6 months, and a invalid gets a certificate on completion. When released, he can request with such certificate for jobs during open or private firms and
secure a job.
Col Al-Utaibi urged firms contracting expelled prisoners to understanding with them as normal persons. He asked them not to repudiate them a pursuit only since they were former prisoners. Instead, they should be given an event to start a new life.
Captain Jassim al-Kaabi, conduct of gratification and reconstruction territory during a department, pronounced that a new website for selling of a products done by jail inmates is scheduled to be launched this Ramadan. Products and prices would be uploaded on this website with associated phone numbers. Also, people will be educated on a process of squeeze and they could buy directly by a website.
Capt Al-Kaabi pronounced that a jail section has lined adult a slew of activities that inmates would suffer during Ramadan. These embody eremite lectures, competitions, sports activities and enlightenment events.
In further to veteran training, inmates can also rehearse opposite sports and pursue their informative interests during a well-equipped library.
“We have dual inmates who got a General Secondary School Certificate. We have also an invalid study during a university by correspondence; and there are students during all educational levels: primary, basic and secondary. Besides, there are several inmates undergoing high turn English denunciation tests,” pronounced Capt al-Kaabi.
He pronounced that a dialect seeks assistance of gift organisations to compensate off a debts of those concerned in financial cases to promote their release.