MENTAL ILLNESS: Still Another Execution Scheduled Despite Serious Mental Health Concerns

Marcus Druery (pictured) is confronting execution in Texas on Aug 1 even nonetheless he has shown transparent signs of mental incompetence. The Texas Defender Service recently filed a suit to check his execution, citing a commentary of a clergyman who examined Druery progressing this year: “His delusional ideas so emanate his bargain of his box that he no longer understands that it was him who committed a crime, and that he’s a one who has to humour a punishment.”  Another comment of his mental capacities suggested that he does not adquately know because he is being punished: “Because of his inflexible, crazy and delusional interpretation of his circumstances, Mr. Druery does not have a ability to rationally know a tie between his crime and his punishment.”  The state has concurred that Druery suffers from delusions, schizophrenia, “thought broadcasting” and heard hallucinations. However, officials have nonetheless to establish either his medical condition meets a authorised clarification of insanity. Kate Black, one of his attorneys, said, “When we have an particular who is so crazy that he no longer has an bargain of what it is he’s being punished for, that lacks a purpose for that a genocide chastisement was created. The state’s possess experts have diagnosed him as carrying paranoid and random schizophrenia. He’s been housed in a psychiatric unit. So, they’re good wakeful of his irrationality, and nonetheless have still sought an execution date in this case.”  On Jul 24, a rough conference will be hold to establish either a full competency review is needed.

On Jul 18, Texas is formulation to govern Yokamon Hearn, who suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and mind damage.

(P. Malof, “Court Questions Constitutionality of Upcoming Texas Execution,” Public News Service, Jul 16, 2012; M. Kiely, “Lawyers disagree Druery non-professional for execution,” Bryan-College Station Eagle, Jul 14, 2012).  See Mental Illness.  Listen to DPIC’s podcast on Mental Illness.