Mbeya Prison Ministry Tanzania

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Greetings from the Iyunga church of Christ Mbeya Tanzania. Brother Omar from Philadelphia has visited us from June 26, to July 1, 2012. I went to receive him at Airport in Dar on June 26 and received him on June 27, 2:45am. Brother Omar he wanted to show him the hospitality by supporting myself for trip to receive him in Dar, and paying the Hotel rent there.

We discussed many things about the Bible and he challenged me much through scriptures that, as my visitor, I was needed to support him for everything this is what Abraham did when the three visitors visited him. Unfortunately, I was not having money to show the hospitality to him by paying the hotel to rest during the night, and to pay bus fare to Mbeya. He challenged me much how I could do hospitality to him. Because my brother Omar was first time to visit in Africa, he was expecting that, everything will be good as His country. Tanzania is one of the countries of third world countries. I told him, I am unable to show you the hospitality by supporting you the Hotel, Bus’s fare to Mbeya because of my poverty to do so. I had requested for him to pay the Hotel’s rent for him and me, and to be able to pay the bus’s fare for me and for him about the food I was not have much problem to buy myself.  And then, He told me that, I will invite you to come to visit in U.S.A; will you be able to depend yourself the same I do here? I said no; when you will ask me to visit there makes sure you able to serve me.

One June 27, 2012, I led him to Moshi and Arusha for the purpose to go to see the Mount Kilimanjaro (The Highest Mount in Africa). And on June 29, 2012, we took the bus to Mbeya; we departed in Arusha at 5:45am and arrive in Mbeya at 1:00am. On June 30, 2012. We went to visit the children’ prison. Brother Omar taught the wonderful Bible lesson from the book of Jonah as the result as one the woman who guide these children. She had attracted the Bible study when she was outside. She came inside the classroom to hear the massage. The wonderful application brother Omar applied from the book of Jonah. I had selected one brother to translate for him into Swahili. The Bible study which Brother Omar taught in Children prison was not only for these children but was all of us.

There were about 11 children in prison, who they had prayer request for the need, and brother omar he prayed for them, and the woman who joined with the children for the Bible lesson, she had prayer request about the kid who lost for three days passed, she has eight years so she requested so that they find her. Brother Omar prayed for this need as well. The Lord had answered the prayer the moment after the prayer. It was about 8pm when we were in the bus, one passenger in the bus he had started to relate us about the kid who lost that, someone near the city, he volunteered to take care that kid after heard him, we asked him the place which we can find that kid and he had given us the direction the place which we can get this kid. In the morning on Juy 2, 2012, two brothers, went to report for the woman who she had given us her request. After heard this news, she was very happy and thanking the Lord what she had done to her. She asked them the place where can found us for worship, and then she had started to run to go the place where she can find her kid. Our father God had answered the prayer (Mark 11:24-26).

The Brother who was translating brother Omar when he was teaching the Bible. He had made the Bible lesson from the book of Jonah to teach the Church on July 1, 2012. The Christian had blessed with his lesson as well. After the Bible study at children Prison, We went at Ruanda Prison for brother Omar to be able to lead the Bible study as well; unfortunately the head of Ruanda Prison was there on that day to give brother Omar the permit for entering to this prison. We had requested for his permit for him for two month passed after brother Omar confirmed us that, he could come. The head of Ruanda Prison was not yet worked with it  when  we visit with brother Omar at Ruanda Prison, they had apologize for delaying to provide the  entering permit there. They had promised us that, the work permit could be ready in this week.

After Ruanda Prison, then I lead brother Omar to lead the Bible teach the students who they were doing graduation on June 30, 2012. There were 11 students who they were doing graduation.  The students had invited their parents, their friends to participate in their graduation. There were 40 people who they were waiting this occasion, because the Church building was not enough for 40 people then rented one of the Schools nearby area to do this event. We went late there about 19:00pm reached there while we were supposed to be there at 15:00pm. The students were very patient and some their parents and friends departed. We found for 11 students and 7 visitors there. Brother Omar spent for 20 minutes to lead the Bible study to the students after the lesson; he had given the students the chance of asking the questions.  The time was not enough to be able to answer all questions but he had answered only two questions. After the reason, we started to reward the students the certificates for completion our series of Wei courses and FBS courses. My camera was not able to take good pictures because it was not dark/night and charge was down. You can find some for the students who they were doing graduation. We did not able to take some picture when we were preaching in prison with brother Omar due to our government is not allow to take a picture in prison.

Brother Omar has characteristics to work in Africa; he was staying in my house when he was in Mbeya, eating African food, sleeping where we sleep. We have received the great encouragement through his visitation us here and the inmates whom we serve here. When the Lord will be continuing to be faithful to us, we shall add more prisons to serve.

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I have received the call yesterday from Customer service Agent pax Couriers Limited Licensee of Federal Express Corporation in Dar es Salaam, that the shipment which had been sent by Omar (Sound System) has arrived and it held at customs.   It is cost us for $ 300 dollars to redeem it there and $ 50 dollars for transportation going in Dar es Salaam and coming back. Brother Omar had sent this sound system to help us with the work of the gospel, and it was our plan to show movies to inmates and to the communities here. We request your assistance with this need; please give to us any amount you can give for the Lord. I will success to get this money soon, to redeem this shipment; I will go in Dar es Salaam the next Monday.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and working with you here.

In Christ who serves you

Samuel Mwakasungula

Mbeya Prison Ministry

Box 3083, Mbeya Tanzania


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  • Pastor Samuel A. Mwakasungula

    Greetings from
    Good News Jail & Prison Ministry – Tanzania. Our mission is to preach the
    Gospel of Jesus Christ to the prisoners in Tanzania. We see the tremendous
    success of our mission to convey the Gospel to the Prisoners in Tanzania, we
    see the Gospel of Jesus Christ transforming the life of prisoners into prison,
    turning away from the sinful conduct and acting in harmony with God’s commands.
    As King Manasseh was altered by God’s word while in prison, and after repenting
    of God his mistake is from the prisoners. (2 Chronicles 33: 1-16). There are prisoners
    who have ended their chains in Prison, the disciples of Jesus Christ, received
    their salvation in the prison, and there are others returning.

    We have one prisoner who was a Muslim
    while in prison, later knowing Jesus Christ in prison in June, 2017, finishing
    his sentence in prison, after his brothers saw that he had become a Christian,
    expelled him from home, lived in a bad life , We have tried to contact his
    brothers but they did not let us talk to them. The brother needs help and
    requests for this time that is facing this problem.

    This is our joy, and glorifies God the Father, for I visit the Regions and
    teach in Churches about the importance of engaging in service in the prisons
    closest to them, in this way the holy spirit speaks to them, and begins to
    serve in the prisons closest to them. We need every Region to have servants who
    represent us to preach the Gospel in the nearby prisons. Tanzania is a large
    country, with 126 prisons, and has 30 regions. It requires your prayer, and
    your help to ensure that we reach the souls in prison for the Glory of God (Matthew 25:
    36-40). I thank God the Father for That he hears the prayer, the Holy Spirit
    has spoken to pastor Omar from the USA to support the trip to
    Tanga for the spread of Service in Prisons in the Region. I hope to travel on
    August 02, 2017. I will teach in two churches in different districts, and these
    churches are near the prisons, the goal is to teach the Church that God’s Word
    requires us to dedicate ourselves to the prisons. I need your prayer that the
    Holy Spirit teach the Christians and put the burden of preaching the
    Gospel to the prisoners in the Prison Camps. We seek the faithful Christians
    who will be able to teach others also after
    the training (2 Timothy 2:2).

    We will have Ex- Prisoners Bible training in Mbeya Tanzania. The Ex- Prisoners will from various regions in Tanzania to attend
    this Training. The goal is to create a network of Ex- prisoners in Tanzania.
    For the fulfillment of the great commission of Jesus Christ. We serve the
    prisoners well while in prison but we forget to serve and make spiritual
    progress when they are out of prison. We need to make this program every year
    what God wants us to do. We need your application to achieve this program, as
    well as to remember Pastor Omar from America who has volunteered to help teach
    Ex-Tanzanians, and to pray the Ex- prisoners
    Bible training which will held in November 11 – 15, 2017.

    I thank God the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ to use his people as his
    instrument in conveying the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations (Matthew 28:

    In Christ

    Samuel A. Mwakasungula
    National Director

    GNJ&PM – Tanzania

    Box 3083, Mbeya Tanzania East Africa