Marty Angelo

 Marty Angelo, a former music business entrepreneur, is the author of the powerful life-changing biography-memoir entitled, Once Life Matters: A New Beginning.  Angelo's book reveals how God totally transformed his life of sin into a strong witness of His saving grace, mercy, and love. The book is offered free to prisons, jails, rehab programs, and troubled celebrities.

Before Marty Angelo's dramatic and "electrifying" conversion to Christianity on March 28, 1981 and going into full-time ministry, he worked in the entertainment business for 15 years, getting his first breaks from "the late Jimi Hendrix" and "the late George Harrison."  He managed several bands including the popular Top 40 rock group, The Grass Roots starring Rob Grill.  

Angelo also created, wrote, and produced the '70s trendy dance television show, Disco Step-by-Step® and in 1978 was voted one of the Top 25 disco record promoters.  He promoted hundreds of hit albums, singles, and 12" disco 45s, receiving numerous recognition awards for his efforts:  Photo 1Photo 2.  Angelo is featured in several documentaries, magazine articles, and radio/television productions.  Angelo was arrested in 1980 on two counts of cocaine possession and in late 1981 was sentenced to six years in prison.

Since 1981, Marty Angelo has served God first in prison, then upon his release, as director of evangelism for Faith Farm Ministries of Southern Florida, counselor/teacher for Teen Challenge of Southern California, assistant aftercare director in Washington DC and Los Angeles area director for Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship Ministries, and court liaison for the Drug Abuse Foundation's Palm Beach County Sheriff's 'Drug Farm' program. Angelo also provided nine years of personal in-home health, medical, and spiritual care for his parents, "the late Dr. Martin and Marie Angelo." 

Angelo has appeared on numerous popular Christian radio shows and television programs (The 700 Club, Praise the Lord, and Celebration).  His testimony was dramatized in 1987 on Unshackled, published in Voice Magazine, and receives various print and internet media coverage.

Marty Angelo is currently a full-time minister, teacher, and author.  His second book, "Vision of New Jerusalem: Now!" will soon be released.