March 2012 – Inmate’s Testimony


I always felt that my mom or father never unequivocally desired me a approach they desired a other children. we was with my grandmother a lot. My family is a family of alcoholics. We went to church as children since we had to. we was a Sunday propagandize secretary and a girl chaperon since we was following in my grandmother’s footsteps. we was happy when we was around my grandmother though unhappy when we was with my mom and sister. we unequivocally didn’t like myself, not until we started sinning, celebration smoking cigarettes, weed; that’s when we started fondness me. we was sixteen when we was put out of my mother’s house. we went furious for a prolonged time. When we finished school, we assimilated a Army. we got even wilder. All of my relations with group were really abusive. My initial matrimony lasted 5 years and my second lasted twenty years. My second father is my best crony now. I’ve had a lot of waste in my life, a daughter, mother, and grandmother; though nothing of these waste done me stop. As a years went by we usually got worse. we always knew we was going down a wrong track, though we didn’t caring since we didn’t caring about me. we satisfied God was operative in my life.

Every time we prayed for His assistance He would send me to jail, though we still never listened to him.

I started listening to God when we found out my son was an addict like me. It harm my heart, so we prayed to God and He sent me to jail so that we would listen to Him and usually Him. we have confessed my sin, wish what is God’s will in my life today. we trust He does have a purpose for me currently and I’m peaceful to do His will today. I’m during assent with myself. we know when He is in my presence. we also know when He has answered a doubt for me, either it be approbation or no. we adore myself currently and know God loves me also. we adore reading Matthew, John, and Ephesians (the whole Bible) we only like them. When we go out of my room, we put on a fit of armor and ask God to ensure my tongue (He does. Thank you, God.).

I comprehend God is good even when life seems grim.


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