Lord Willin’ And The Creek Don’t Rise!

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Jen Jeffrey
Jen Jeffrey

Living on Long Island was full of many tiny adventures for me – usually in a ‘small things’ since we had never gifted anything other than a South. It was all new for me. When we began essay a series, “A Chattanoogan on Long Island” we was endangered when we changed behind to Chattanooga that my adventures would stop. But a law is each day is an journey to me when we step out of my apartment.

I was told many times in a past that we ‘can’t’. When we set my mind on something – that word usually doesn’t discriminate with me. we remember 20 years ago being partial of a prison ministry where we would sing or give my testimony. One winter we was scheduled to revisit a jail and Chattanooga had had an ice storm.

I was told by someone that we ‘wasn’t going anywhere!’ and that, of course, was a plea to me – not a command. we schooled that we gathering unequivocally good on ice!

Being a baby of my family, being hindered in certain situations or usually never being given certain opportunities in life – I infrequently have supposed a word ‘can’t’. And this is since my life is so new. we feel like Bambi training how to walk! we schooled to take my place in life and to stop usurpation that we can’t or that we shouldn’t do something. we also have been guilty of not vital my life to a fullest since it was a ‘hassle’ and we had gotten in a rut. we had schooled to be a homebody since that’s what we did – we took caring of a home and a people in it for a initial partial of my life. we don’t bewail it though; it usually explains since tiny things can be a large understanding to me.

Last week, we was to accommodate with a integrate to control an speak about their farm. Karen Persinger told me in sequence to get to a tangible plantation that we would have to cranky a rivulet where there is no bridge. She pronounced to call her once we got there and she would accommodate me and take me across.

I always try to leave a tiny early when we transport to farms because, distinct assembly people during their home or business for other interviews, when we put a plantation residence in my GPS it does not always take me true there. we have had Samantha (the lady stranded in my navigation device) take me past a sand unnamed roads that we should have incited on and tell me, “You have reached your destination” when there was zero there. It can be utterly wily anticipating a plantation – generally if a highway in unnamed.

Getting to a Persingers’ plantation in Rising Fawn was no difficulty during all so we was a tiny early. we came to a rivulet and saw a highway continue on a other side. Karen was right – there was a rivulet to get across. we looked during a rippling H2O hastening over a rocks and was considering in my mind how low it was. Yes… we was considering perplexing to cranky it by myself!

I called Karen and she pronounced that it would take her about 15 mins to get there. we told her we had a Jeep and even yet it was usually 2WD that we consider we should try it. Her father Steve was already during a plantation and we could go forward and snap a few pictures. we favourite Karen’s answer, “Sure go ahead, if we get stranded Steve can lift we out!


It wasn’t holding a engine vessel opposite a stream like a time we went to Williams Island, though we had never been off-roading or anything so this was a mini-adventure for me. A stepping mill of some-more to come!

Here we went. we headed opposite a creek, avoiding a large extending rocks though also perplexing to not go toward a deeper water. Karen had told me that it’s a tiny wily and we should stay to a right.

To a exposed eye, the right looked deeper to me so, of course, we suspicion we knew best and we veered to a left. Right away, my wheels started sinking! Oh my! we unequivocally didn’t wish to call for rescue. we could do this!

A million thoughts swam in my conduct as we had felt a Jeep penetrate down into a water. As a left side tilted, we saw visions of tipping over or removing tools of my automobile submerged that would make it stop running. we fast veered to a right more, usually anticipating that my tires would squeeze onto a pebbles or stones on a rivulet bed and not movement or settle themselves deeper into a hole. we usually knew it had looked deeper to a right though we had to trust what Karen told me and trust that a rippling H2O entrance over those rocks was no deeper than a falling sand on a left.

The tires responded and toward a right we went! we consider during this indicate we listened R. Kelly singing, “I Believe we Can Fly” and my Jeep usually devoted ‘walking on water’ or drifting above it! we don’t consider we gave my Jeep time to consider about it. It was that ‘ripping a Band-Aid off quickly’ or ‘don’t ask accede – usually get redemption later’ kind of thing. My Jeep got opposite to a other side! we immediately nicknamed it ‘Animal’! God supposing my Jeep and it was a good partner to have for work.

This finished me wonder, however, how Karen knew a false right side was easier. we consternation what tiny adventures she might have left by before reckoning that out. we have also always wondered about adrenaline junkies that perform dangerous stunts and what they did a unequivocally initial time before perfecting their stunts. You usually have to take risks in life if we wish to get anywhere.

Once we got across, we gathering to a clearing and witnessed a pretentious sight! It was usually a other side of Lookout Mountain – though it was beautiful. It is my favorite mountain. we got out of my Jeep to fire a tiny video of a camber of a plateau – a singular support print wouldn’t do. we felt a zephyr of a trees, we listened a hawk drifting over and there was a blue-ish mist over a mountain. Breathtaking. It is times like this when we feel God is courting me with flowers and chocolates!

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When we got behind in my Jeep, we gathering to a shade tree where Steve was and met an collection of canines! They came in each flavor! Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and dim chocolate. Steve forked to a camping chairs underneath a shade tree and said, “Step into my office.” Can we suppose carrying an bureau with such glory?

The sunflowers! Those were my favorite. we had my boots on for a murky walk, though forgot to ready for insects or ticks. The final time we went traipsing on a plantation in a wooded area, we had a parasite punch that lasted weeks. When Karen arrived we took some-more photos as they showed me around. Steve picked some blueberries that were flourishing as we walked and he offering me a few.

When we sat in “Steve’s office” to do a interview, it was so many fun. Sure there is a veteran side of me that needs to be means to hear my recorder, we would like to get to a questions and have it upsurge though we have to admit when a child, a turkey or a dog interrupts a critical partial of a job that is another partial of God’s courtship – creation me laugh! The dogs assimilated in a review and supposing good sound effects.

The girlie-girl in me felt as if things were crawling all over me since we knew it was sea parasite season. Steve had a pretty, lime-green spider crawling on a behind of his collar. My initial idea was to strech and crack it off. we wasn’t certain how my new crony would take that. we figured he was a large boy. The spider didn’t worry me, we like spiders, though it’s a ticks that weird me out since they hide themselves in places we can’t ever reach!

The integrate was so pleasant and fun to speak to. we consider what we enjoyed a many was saying how they were enjoying their lives. We talked about how critical it is to have that clarity of authenticity and operative in a soil. we was so happy for them to be vital this life. we have seen some-more professionals removing into tillage and gardening and dropping a corporate malarkey. The assent on their faces was as pleasing as a land we would see.

During a speak as we was seeking Steve a question, his dog wanted petting and got right adult to my recorder. He was breathing aloud and Steve spoke toward a recorder and said, “That’s not me! That’s Roy!” we gave Roy a pat on a head. Karen told Roy to come to her. we consider he was a bit miffed since he let out a tiny angry snarl as if to say, “Oh okaye-e-e…” Then we leaned over a recorder and said, “…And that wasn’t Karen!” It was such a pleasure assembly new friends that we would see again on Wednesday during a Main Street Farmer’s Market.

Driving behind out to a rivulet we saw a other side of a bank where trees were laid down and brush. It didn’t demeanour like a approach we came. But we was certain we followed a sand highway correctly! Maybe we came behind a wrong way. Turning around on a sand trail was wily usually to comprehend as we saw that same pleasing mark where we had looked during a towering that we did go a scold way.

I found a trail with no sand that looked like it would be good for a mud bike though not many for a 2WD Jeep. We’ll see. we was dauntless since Karen already offering her husband’s services if we got stranded in a rivulet once – certainly he could lift me out of this rainforest of trees we was entering. After a ways on a path, we saw to a side of me a rivulet was much, many deeper. Not a kind we wade in though a kind you’d float in! My trail got narrower and a trees beyond were heavier. we was certain we would crowd myself in a trail though being means to spin around if we kept going. we looked for a place to spin around. The trail was usually large adequate to fit my Jeep one approach and there was a embankment on both sides.

I was forced to behind adult a whole approach – we am not a good backer-upper. But we did it. we came behind to a sand trail where a rivulet was and got out of my Jeep anticipating to see where a other side of a sand highway was. As we got tighten to a edge, we satisfied that a rivulet arrange of winding to get to a road. we had usually seen a unequivocally flow-y partial of a creek. we motionless to spin on a video recorder on my camera and record my mini journey ‘braving a rapids’. we infrequently feel like a impression Ralph on a Warner Brothers cartoon, who would day dream in category and had many adventures in his mind.

There is so many that we never did get to do. So even if we am not in N.Y. anymore… my eyes still see things that others might take for granted. But to me… it’s always new. we have not ever crossed a rivulet before in my vehicle. we felt dauntless and we took a risk.  In my ‘why not?’ proviso of my life, we am not usually interlude to smell a roses, that we never knew were there – though we am also holding tiny fun risks usually vital and enjoying life.

Some of we might be wondering what a large understanding is though suppose a puppy in a fenced-in backyard. That puppy was lifted and lerned to live in that backyard. He has smelled weed before. He has seen a sky before. But when he is no longer contained in that blockade suppose his fad to see opposite forms of weed and a bigger sky! He is vehement usually meaningful there is a whole large universe out there he has never experienced!

Once we got home from my journey of ‘off-roading’ somewhat, we did a parasite check. we found one teeny sea parasite on my calf that was latched on. At slightest that one was easy to take caring of. Next plantation we conduct out to, we will mist bug repellant. we need to do that for my subsequent tiny journey too. we am going to do something this week that I have never finished before and we will be confronting a fear we have had all my life. No, not sky-diving, not pushing a competition automobile – it isn’t a large things that shock me. It usually excites me when it comes to that!

No – this fear is utterly tiny though it paralyzes me. Stay tuned…



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