Life as a jail officer in Woolwich’s barbarous prisons

As a Ministry of Justice looks for new recruits to offer as jail officers, News Shopper’s Joe Dempsey spoke to a jail officer from one of Woolwich’s execrable prisons.

“One of my initial fears was that a prisoners were going to be extremist opposite me since we was a foreigner,” jail officer Mike confided in me.

He had usually usually spin a full time jail officer in Woolwich in Feb progressing this year after weeks of training and shadowing.

It was during his shadowing that he suggested one of a some-more extraordinary tools of his work. “During my initial week there was an incident.”

“The whole wing was unexpected filled with jail officers, they seemed like ninjas.

“I felt protected afterwards since before we started we suspicion we was going to be seen as uninformed beef to a prisoners.”

I’m articulate to Mike after a Ministry of Justice launched a recruitment expostulate they have baked adult to try and tempt some-more people to spin jail officers.

On a north easterly side of Woolwich there is a large formidable with 3 opposite prisons: Belmarsh, Isis and Thameside.

Belmarsh is a many obvious of a three. The high-security, Category A jail binds some of a many scandalous criminals in a UK.

Amongst a many execrable inmates embody Stephen Port, a sequence torpedo who unperceiving and raped 4 immature group after arranging to accommodate them on happy dating websites, and Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, a Islamic terrorists who murdered Lee Rigby.

It can be a tough sell though for Mike when he saw a inventory on a pursuit website, it sparked something in him and stirred him to wish to pierce out of a liberality industry.

He said: “I review a pursuit outline and for some reason it did it for me. It pronounced no day will be a same.

“I came opposite a ad about ‘do we wish to make a difference?’ You could select that jail we go to.

“When we initial told my family we was meditative of being a jail officer, half of them fainted and a other half went to get them water.”

Mike is creatively from Greece and altered to a UK usually 3 years ago and for him it has authorised him to feel like he is creation a disproportion to these people’s lives.

But one thing he pronounced he is austere about is not wanting to know what inmates did to finish adult in jail and concentration on a reconstruction side.

He said: “People have these myth of what prisoners demeanour like and how they behave. They demeanour like normal bland people and if we saw them on a street, we wouldn’t consider they were prisoners.

“I do caring about things like where they grew adult and what kind of preparation they had before they pennyless a law to know since someone would mangle a law. There are some unhappy stories.

“I don’t like meaningful what my prisoners are in for since we don’t wish to decider them. My pursuit is not to decider them they have already been judged. My pursuit is to make certain they come in, get some skills and education and go out and be a partial of society.”

It’s traffic with a tellurian side of things that Mike told me he desired about a job, and a wish that his work could assistance these people spin divided from crime and confederate behind into society.

He said: “The use has altered a proceed when it comes to rehabilitation. We have some prisoners who have been in and out and any time they come behind they contend how most improved it has become.

“These people contend they feel some-more carefree that they will stay out this time. It’s tough for them to change their ways.”