Kampyongo lauds jail transformation

Home Affairs Minister Stephen KampyongoHome Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo

Minister of Home Affairs, Stephen Kampyongo says mutation of a Zambia Prisons Service to Zambia Correctional Service has witnessed a lot of changes in delinquent supervision and a whole system.

Mr. Kampyongo says a lot of new infrastructure has been assembled while officers holding caring of a offenders will have to be retrained.

ZANIS in Kabwe reports that Mr. Kampyongo was vocalization this morning when he paid a pleasantness call on Central Province Minister, Sydney Mushanga, before commissioning and handing over 109 new houses assembled by AVIC International for officers during Mukobeko Maximum Security Correctional Service in Kabwe.

Mr Kampyongo pronounced a government, by his ministry, will erect some-more houses for officers in all departments so that they have decent accommodation.

He remarkable that decent accommodation was among a many motivating factors that officers in his method have been lacking for a prolonged time.

Mr Kampyongo positive that immigration officers, military officers, Drug Enforcement Officers and others in his method will have improved accommodation as a plan of constructing houses was in phases.

“Good housing is one of a pivotal issues that urge spirit of officers and this is because supervision has prioritized accommodation for workers in my ministry,” he said.

Speaking earlier, Central Province Minister, Sydney Mushanga voiced honour that a Patriotic Front has assembled so many houses during Mukobeko Maximum Security Correctional use within a brief time a celebration has been in government.

Mr Mushanga pronounced a housing units will make a really large disproportion not usually for officers during Mukobeko Maximum Security Correctional use though for Kabwe district in sold and Central Province in general.

He suggested that supervision was constructing hundreds of other housing units for Zambia Police Mobile Unit in a district.

Mr Mushanga pronounced construction of a houses means that a supervision was walking a speak as a housing units are a achievement of a promises a PF done during a debate towards a final Presidential and General elections.

Meanwhile, Mr Mushanga has appealed to Minister of Home Affairs, Stephen Kampyongo to see to it that military check points and speed traps are reduced on a roads.

Mr Mushanga celebrated that there are 3 speed traps and some-more than 5 military check points between Chisamba and Kabwe, a conditions he described as inconveniencing for a roving public.

He pronounced it would be improved to muster some-more military officers in communities where rapist activities are a sequence of a day instead of deploying dozens of officers to male highway blocks and speed traps.

A few months ago, Mr Mushanga complained of countless military check points between Kabwe and Kapiri Mposhi with too many officers during any one of a highway blocks during a knowledge of crime impediment in communities.

In response, Home Affairs Minister, Stephen Kampyongo betrothed to demeanour into a censure of Mr Mushanga and see how he could understanding with it administratively.